Simple And Easy 5 Minutes Mehendi Designs For Little Hands

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“Little girls are giggles and curls, Ribbons and bows, sugar and spice from head to toe.”
The best part of having a daughter is a mother can see her own reflection without looking into the mirror. The Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, Scattering gold dust and kisses in our paths. These little girls look so cuddly and cute when they dress up. Like their mothers, they also enjoy applying Mehndi and it’s such a pleasant sight watching the hands of small little girls adorned with Mehndi.
But the fact is that these little butterflies do not have much patience to sit quietly through the entire mehndi application process and get those intricate mehndi patterns crafted on their hands, so it is always better to keep the designs simple yet classy for them.

A few hearts, stars and loads of flowers… this was my favorite design in my childhood. Here are some fabulous henna designs that will add some glitz and charm to the little hands of your princess and are quick to apply.

Floral Designs



Make an adorable flower on your little princess’ hand. It’ll look prettier on her small and pretty palm. Drawing floral motifs not only requires less time but they also give an elegant finish. It does not matter whether you draw these wonderful patterns on the palm or the back of your kid’s hand as long as they look prominent and attractive.

Some of the cute floral designs that can be drawn in a jiffy are as below:

Jiffy Designs

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Along with flowers, other patterns such as bees, peacocks, butterflies, birds, leaves which kids like can also be drawn on your little doll’s hand.

Basic Chakra Design



This is one of the most basic form of mehndi design for kids where the design is kept as simple as possible and yet the grace and elegance is not compromised. This pattern can be a good example to suit the age and style of your teenage daughter.

Heart Shape Mehndi Design

The highlight of this beautiful mehndi pattern is the usage of soft love heart patterns on your little girl’s hand that add a heightened sense of beauty to the already mesmerizing pattern.

Paisley Mehndi Design



Here is an easy yet beautiful design that features a paisley motif in the middle of the back of your little girl’s hand and simple floral designs below it. The small, petal-like spiral designs on the finger tips enhances the beauty of this pattern. The design is a great option for any occasion like weddings or other special events and will make your little princess’s hands look attractive.

Simple Full Hand Design



Your little princess hands can be a perfect canvas to try out some special designs but your impatient daughter may not be ready to sit through a full-hand mehndi application process. If your daughter is restless and impatient, this is one of the simple mehndi designs best-suited for her.

Glitter Mehndi Design



Bling is the latest fad in mehndi designs for kids. It can range from sparkles to crystals and even glitter which makes it attractive for kids. This way they can show off their mehndi designs to their friends and make it look all the more fancy and glam. Kids love the idea of colors and glitters and this is why these mehndi design for kids can be deduced as one of the perfect fixes to a baby soft palm. Moreover, if your daughter isn’t allowed to have mehndi stained hands as per her school rules, then a glitter mehndi is perfect for her. The glitters can be removed easily using water, acetone or a nail polish remover.

Precautions To Take While Applying Mehndi On Kids Hands

We all know how kids are dear to every parent. Mehndi adorned little hands look very beautiful but there is a word of Caution:
Never use black henna on little girl’s hands as it can prove to be very dangerous for the skin since it has harmful additive paste containing PPD. Try and avoid it at all costs.
Also when it comes to putting mehndi design for kids, the significant thing is to let them use their creativity and imagination. It has to be a fun-based affair for your little princess. You can replicate these fashionable henna designs on your trendy girl’s hand and see how she looks absolutely enticing.
Hope you guys loved these simple yet beautiful mehendi designs for kids. If you have any more interesting designs, please share with us.

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