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Sleeping Beauty– Best And Worst Food For Sleep

Sleeping Beauty– Best And Worst Food For Sleep

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Sleep, the one thing every person on this planet sincerely loves so much. Am I right or am I right? The right amount of sleep, atleast 8 hours a day is absolutely necessary for an adult. But what we don’t realise is that though we need a certain hours of sleep every night, a good night’s sleep is dependent on many reasons. And it is not just being tired that is helpful. We also need to eat the right type of food to help us get a peaceful night’s sleep. Every night when we go to bed, we would actually like to sleep, right? Nothing is worse than insomnia and the evidence has piled up anyway that sleep is essential for great health. We give you the best and worst foods thus telling you which are your sleep promoters and which are your sleep stealers.

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Best Foods

1. Cereal And Milk

Cereal and milk

Go-to breakfast staple? Now it can also be the go-to pre-bedtime snack. Cereal is a good combination of carbohydrates and protein which enable our bodies to produce serotonin, the happy hormone. This inturn produces melatonin, a neurotransmitter which has a calming effect. Stay away from sugary cereals, the last thing you want is a sugar high before bed. Some other snacks are cheese and crackers, cottage cheese and fruit, oatmil with milk.

2. Milk


Your grandmother was right when she said that drinking a glass of milk before going to bed will help you sleep better. Milk raises melatonin and serotonin levels in the body, both induce sleep. It also has calcium and calcium deficiency can cause disturbed sleep patterns.

3. Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

It is worth finding, seriously. If you are in need of some serious sleep, then passionfruit is your best bet. It contains somniferum which has sleep inducing properties. Have it as it is, or with juice or tea.

4. Soybeans


They are a great source of calcium, in addition to containing a high concentration of a sleep-promoting amino acid.

5. Bananas


Yes, they contain high levels of magnesiom, a muscle relaxant mineral which will help you start snoozing faster. It also has a whopping level of potassium which regulates sleep patterns and nerves.

6. Walnuts


Cashews and walnuts take the lead when it comes to having trytophan. They also contain melatonin. Try sprinkling nuts on a salad, or with roasted veggies to add some crunch and flavor.

7. Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is a great sleep acid, it boasts some of the highest levels of melatonin among natural foods. Try a small nightime smoothie?

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

They are a sleeper’s dream, not only providing sleep-promoting complex carbohydrates but also containing muscle relaxant potassium. Other good potassium sources include regularly potatoes, lima beans and papaya.

Worst Food

1. Alcohol


Ya, your eyelids may droop after a second glass of wine, but you may just have a restless night of sleep once you turn in. The bags under your eyes will tell you that the next day.

2. Fatty Food

Fatty food

Eating food which is high in fat, especially greasy and freid food will cause uncomfortable heartburn or stomach issues the moment you lie down. Stick to low fat snacks and make sure to eat 2 hours before you hit the sack.

3. Spicy Food

Spicy Food

That Chinese takeout may leave your mouth on fire, but also your dreams. Eating a spicy meal for dinner affects your dreams as well as your body temperatures which elevate during the first sleep cycle, causing sleep disruption and more awake time at night.

4. Caffeine


The stimulant stays active in our boyd for 8-10 hours so we suggest you cut off the caffeine around afternoon. And yea, this applies not just to coffee, but to chocolate as well.

5. High Protein Meal

High protein meal

Research has shown that high protein meals can cause disturbances in sleep. It slows down digestion during sleep. Be sure to includes some carbs and veggies alongside the protein at dinner for a healthy and balanced meal.

So that was a pretty well balanced list right? If you have an more food that you think should be mentioned here, then do let us know in the comments below. We hope you are going to start following everything in this article from now on. After all, a girl needs her beauty sleep.

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