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Stand Out At Work With These Formal Saree Blouse Designs

Stand Out At Work With These Formal Saree Blouse Designs

Formal-Saree-BlousesWhen we think of formal attire of women, we only picture the usual western pieces. Pencil skirts, crisp shirts, straight to-the-point trousers, palazzos etc. What we often forget is the Indian formal wardrobe. And believe it or not, this wardrobe can also be equally stylish to its western counterpart. Of course, it is impossible to wear ethnic clothes to work but who said that you can’t flaunt some well chosen sarees, teamed with even a better choice of formal blouses? Though the rules don’t change much but some of the latest designs should get the inspiration kicked in.

1. Modest Full Sleeves With Minimal Striped Design


Full sleeves are always a work-wear failsafe. Full sleeved blouses without too much drama are modest, smart and most appropriate for formal as well as semi-formal settings. In case you do not want it to be too boring, choose one that has surprising stripes or just a hint of some bright colour.

2. Loosely Gathered Solids


The trend of gathered sleeve designs is quite an old one. But you can make a new style statement by embracing the same. Choose a solid colour with some old school piping work and you are all set to start the day.

3. Half Raised Necklines And Beehive Patterns


An extremely smart and work-appropriate blouse design is the one that has a collar of any kind. Half raised versions are a very contemporary twist to the shirt inspired versions. And a pattern like the beehive adds a nice and appealing element.

4. Asian Inspirations


Blouses that are designed as if they are cut out from kimonos or long robes, are another style that you can conveniently carry off at work.

5. Quarter Length Sleeves With Fabric Flowers


Fabric flowers adorning the necklines, in a colour that matches the rest of the blouse is a unique camouflage that manages to stand out beautifully. Time to add some dimension to your Indian formals.

6. Bit Of Net With An Interesting Raised Neckline


Raised necklines designed in a new way always look fascinating and can easily pass off as a piece of exclusive formal clothing. Add some adventurous net patches or sleeves and you can be different without being gaudy.

7. Contrasting Mesh Work


Just like the net element, mesh work would add just the required amount of depth, removing any drab factor from the roots!

8. Elbow Length Sleeves With Minimal Ornamentation


If you love some detail on the surface that does not end up being lost once you wrap around the saree, then elbow length sleeves with only little additions around the hem are the ideal choice to make.

9. High Halter Neck

Source: zeenatstyle.files

High halter necklines that are designed in the style of rural clothing can help you become the new trendsetter at your office!

10. Mandarin Collar And A Silhouette Inspired By The Dress Shirt


Plain and simple. For those days when you have to be totally formal without having to worry too much, go for this design. You’ll not be disappointed. Reason being, it works every time, at every place.

11. Plain Full Sleeves With Simple Geometric Curves On A Close Neck Cut


Blouse with close necklines are another good option to go with a formal saree. Pick some interesting patterns or geometric arcs that can fill up the spaces, creating more interest.

12. Sexy Halter Neck Formals


Formals can be sexy too. And you are already wearing a saree which is considered traditional and modest. So no harm in going for halter necklines with a twist.

13. Sleeveless Design With Gold motifs


Sleeveless blouses decorated with golden or silver motifs come across as traditional, yet modern and in tune with the requirements of a formal dress code in any non-casual setting. In fact, crisp cottons and rick silks can be used to add a more interesting appeal to the attire.

14. Traditional Motifs Balanced With Neutral Solids


The transition from traditional to modern is not easy but they can go hand in hand quite conveniently. Think of bringing together the welcome paisleys in gold and neutral black or white surfaces.

15. Short Sleeves With Smart Sequins


Just a little sequin is always fine. Even when you have to wear it as a piece of formal clothing. Decent short sleeves work well with almost every kind of saree. So, this is another safe design to go for when you are confused.

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