An all-time favourite accessory for most fashionistas. Also, an essential must-have for keeping harmful UV rays at bay. Sunglasses are more than just any fashion element. They are not just for making a style statement. They are extremely important for taking care of your eyes and adding the perfect touch of glamour.
But, just like every other fashion staple, these too have to follow rules. Rather you must follow the rules so that your shades can flatter you the best. And it is quite simple. Just choose the designs and frames according to the shape of your face.

Tips to choose sunglasses


When you decide to go shopping for your sunglasses, keep in mind the following points.
Only buy from reputed brands
Street shopping and that bargain might sound super attractive. But when it comes to protecting your eyes, you need to act wisely. Only choose brands that offer style, quality and the right price.

Look for the CE mark


The European CE mark is an indication that the lenses have been manufactured to meet certain standards. Which means, they are treated well enough to offer the right level of sun protection. While you can choose any frame you like, the choice of the glasses is what matters the most.

Determine the shape of your face

Pull back your hair and trace the outline of your face on to a mirror. There you go. Analyse this shape to know what type of glasses would be appropriate for you.

Find your perfect match

An Oval-Shaped Face


If you have an oval-shaped face, you can carry off every frame with ease. However, to bring out the best of your features, experiment with small rectangular frames, bright colours and sharp wayfarers to define the soft curves of your face. You can also try polarized lenses and the very sci-fi tube design.

Round Faces


As a general rule of thumb, round frames should never be worn on round faces. Look for something opposite instead. In other words, look for straight and angular lines. The idea is to define the round cheeks fashionably. Sporty glares and rectangular frames are the recommended picks for you.



Go for interesting, small, round frames. Or pick the classic aviator to complement your jawline. The cat’s eye shape would also suit a square face if carried well. But it is better to avoid the retro themed colours and prints. Unswept angles are perfect on their own. Remember Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe? They are the classic fashion icons for a reason.

Heart-Shaped Faces


Not a very easily spotted face. You can take pride in this beautiful uniqueness. Sunglass styles recommended for you include wireframes, oversized designs and carefully picked browline pieces.

An Oblong Face


A long face should be balanced with big shades that cover the most part of the face. Try frames that are extra-thick. This would help in adding better width to the upper part of your face. Large, retro squares and aviators should do the trick well. Go through multiple prints and designs to get a clear picture of what all is available for you to be able to choose better.

Sunglasses Online

If you do not have the time for visiting every store out there, it is wiser to opt for online shopping. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Lenskart and several others will offer a wider variety to you. Also, you can look for customizing options to suit your needs.

Have a quick look at these tips:

Ask For A Trial
When looking at the designs available online, a good tip is to short list a several few. You can ask them for a home trial service. This would enable you to see for yourself, how a design sits on your face. And you can either get the frame loosened or tightened up as per your requirement.


Order Several Shapes
Do not stick to one particular frame shape. The type of your face would support several designs. So, even if you don’t like one, order one for trial. Who knows, you might end up liking that the most, once you have actually worn it.

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