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Stylish Friendship Day Bracelets

Stylish Friendship Day Bracelets

Friendship-day-braceletsFriendship day is one of the most celebrated days in the world. Everyone simply loves it, especially school children and teenagers. This year, friendship day falls on 2nd August, so why not show you some amazing friendship day bands and bracelets that are trending this year? Young boys and girls love shopping for these, and even for cheesy and cute friendship day cards. Not to forget, those beautiful lockets and pendants too! We give you some of the trendiest bracelets that you can buy for your BFFs this year.
1. Colorful PatternsColourful bands
Colorful patterns like zig zag, chevron, and in various other shapes are very in right now! What’s more is that young girls are also making rings of these patterns instead of plain jane bracelets, we love the creativity, because well, how cute are they!
These bracelets are flooded in the shops in malls and street shops and are available at extremely reasonable rates too. So when are you grabbing yours?
2. Wool patterns Woolen bracelet
All you need are some can seals and colorful wools. Wrap the wool the way you want around the seal caps and there you have it! A brilliant idea for a bracelet, isn’t it? Colors, patterns of tying and style of the bracelet is all up to you! You are completely spoilt for choice here, so what are you waiting for?

3. Dreamcatcher BraceletDreamcatcher Bracelet
Dreamcatchers are everyone’s favorite currently! So how about giving your bestie one of these in a unique way? You need to only buy a dreamcatcher and a separate bracelet of your choice. Attach the dreamcatcher to your bracelet using small metal hoops like in the photograph above.

4. Infinity BraceletInfinity
Available at very reasonable prices on lots of fashion jewelry websites, not only are they different from the usual friendship day bands, but they also have the infinity sign to denote the depth of your friendship. We are sure your bestie will be thrilled to receive this kind of bracelet.

5. Braided WatchBraided Watch
Well, you could take one of those watches you just don’t wear anymore, or buy a new dial from a local shopkeeper, and make the strap yourself with some creative and fun braiding! Doesn’t it sound like a fun idea? Well, it sure does to us! It looks pretty as hell as you can see from the above photo.

We won’t just stop by telling you about these bracelets, but here are also some ideas for how to style these!DIY-frienship-bracelet

  1. Wear it with other similar bracelets along with some nice rings, hand harnesses to give yourself a boho look
  2. Thin metal strapped bracelets will also look great with these bracelets
  3. Layer your band with some chunky bracelets of metal. Studs and spikes are your best bet here, you can never go wrong with these
  4. Mix it with stylish hard bracelets in gold or silver polish, gold would be preferred though! This will give you a nice edgy look
  5. Cool friendship bracelet

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