There are a few things that all wardrobes need to satisfy all the variety of directions that we, as women, are asked to venture in to. These are some items, which when selected well, can be your workhorses throughout spring and even through summer long. Some of the items may look familiar because you would already have had recommendations from stylists about them — but they are so good, which is why we had to bring them back along with this new and great list which is compiled to make your life much easier.

White Jeans

White jeans is the perfect partner for your dressy blouses or even simple tank tops, flip flops or metallic strappy sandals. Having two pairs – one for your heels and the other for your flats provides you with the ultimate in versatility. One pair of straight leg white jeans which ends at your ankle bone helps you to have just one pair for both the types. You may tend to buy skinny white jeans because they look fabulous on models but as an everyday wear they might prove difficult to pull off. A straight leg jeans or a boot cut jeans is a much more flattering cut for most women.

Peep Toe Booties

Booties are being embraced more and more over the last few years. With a peep toe, you can wear them all summer long. If you pair them with a skirt or shorts then you can choose booties that will expose your ankle bone, because this is more flattering.

Ankle Pants

You can now show your ankles with the hot weather! These ankle pants will allow you to be dressier than shorts while you can still be very “summer” in your looks. You can now consider to pair some stronger prints with a white and black striped top.

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