Trends And More On Bandhani Prints- Tie n Dye

Bandhani comes from the word “Bandhan” which means tying a knot and having a good relationship with someone. This is the culture of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kutch where these Bandhani prints are prepared. Bandhani, Bandhej or Bandhana prints puts a grace on every woman and make her look even more beautiful, be it a dupatta, […]

The Classic Must Haves In Your Closet

Fashion comes and goes but some classics will always be staple styles in a woman’s wardrobe. No matter what your style is, and not matter what the current fashion is, these are the timeless wardrobe essentials. There are reasons why classic must haves have become ‘classic’: They look good one every one! Classic styles are […]

Top Designer Handbags That never go Out of Fashion

Latest Trends in Handbags Be it box style handbags in pop/ metallic colors, all-time favorite embellished ones or much formal neutral colored leather handbags for 9 to 6 look, it is all about making the right style statement. Handbag is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. It is most important that you have one in […]