Whoever said that ombre was a dead trend was obviously mistaken! The effect is low maintenance, stylish and offers endless possibilities. With so many pros, it can’t really fade away.
Ombre dye tones are a very good way to give yourself a makeover as it completely transforms the appearance of your hair while giving your personality a new dimension. Reasons for sporting an ombre hair color are plenty. Hollywood is never quite done with it, you can experiment with an endless array of color combinations and you can DIY! Understand the trend and give it a try.


Drama with green hair
Drama with green hair

Let your inner goddess come out through the gorgeous range of colors that you can experiment with when donning ombre hair. It is not just about browns and golds. Use your creativity to opt for color combinations that are unique. Chocolate into teal transitions or black into cherry hues…..may be a little green that smoothly flows into burgundy! It is time to explore.

>Instant glamour

Dual coloured ombre-hair
Dual coloured ombre-hair

Regardless of what effect you choose to sport, coloring your hair in dramatic two or more tones makes you look glamorous in almost anything you wear. This is because of the depth created due to different tones of the hair color. Not to mention, a hair makeover always gets you the attention!

Hollywood loves it!

Two different colours
Right from Emma Stone to Reese Witherspoon, everyone seems to have fallen head over heels for the ombre trend. While actresses like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez prefer to play safe by sticking to blonde, honey and sandy hues, others like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato flaunt bold splashes of purple, platinum, bright blues and even white combined with black, tangerine, copper and more! The ladies have been dazzling on the red carpets in their daring dos that do not fail to compliment their appearance.

>No need to worry about touch ups

touch up
touch up

The best thing about coloring your hair in the ombre style is that you do not have to worry about your roots showing the natural color or your highlights wearing off. When your hair is already showing more than one hue, it wouldn’t really look odd when the color starts to fade.

So much better than regular highlights

Regular highlights can become boring over time. The dip dye tones on the other hand, have an outstanding quality.

Less mess

Ombre can look good on every skin tone and can easily be changed. You can also try doing it yourself though it is advisable to seek a professional colorist.

Your own statement style

Teal Colour on Indian Skin tone
Teal Colour on Indian Skin tone

There are no standard rules for experimenting when it comes to coloring your hair in shades that blend into each other in a subtle way. Whatever you do, just make sure you like it yourself before you expect others to appreciate. You are your best judge and the best stylist as well. Coloring your hair in a certain manner does reflect your personality and moods. Choosing the right combinations is always a good idea.

Traditionally, the ombre effect was limited to darker hair roots with the same color gradient getting lighter towards the tips. But today, when women are more open to experimentation, ombre dying your hair can happen in numerous ways. Depending upon your profession, haircut, length of hair, shape of face and the impression that you wish to make, you can choose the style and color combination.
The Indian skin tone is such that it can go well with most colors. Indian women with petite body structures must definitely try out bright and bold combinations. A pixie hair cut would be the cherry on the cake. If you have a chubby face then it is better to stick to dark shades so that your jawline appears framed when you keep your hair loose.
Teenagers can go for vibrant experiments by trying out pop color combinations. Pink and lemon combined with black would be ideal for the fair skinned and greens and blues for those with a darker complexion. If you prefer a more formal and sober style, then it would be better to try out combinations from the palette of black, ash, caramel, cocoa, bronze, burgundy and navy blue.

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