We all have a hint of the animal instinct in us. Perhaps that is the reason, we never get tired of loading our shopping bags with the leopards and zebras and pythons! Well, not the real ones from the wild but prints that mimic their gorgeously royal coats, colors and textures. Unlike other trends, animal prints are always a-la-mode. The beauty of the wild becomes the style of the urban streets especially in winters. The visual warmth of animal prints makes them a wardrobe essential as temperatures drop.

Animal prints have been a favorite among designers since the 1960s. They are dynamic, glamorous and attractive. Simple dresses, tank tops or jackets; woolens, silk or suede; belts, sunglasses or shoes; bags, scarves or jewelry. Everything looks great with an animal print. A well done ensemble inspired by the wild is sure to boost your self esteem. Bring out the beast and prowl in style with these quick tips.

Keep it in check:

Leopard and Jaguar Print
Animal prints look glamorous. It is important to not overdo it. Pay special attention to the fabric while investing in a jaguar print or leopard print. Too much of skin show or extra sheer can make you look gawdy and ruin the entire appeal.

Know the new king of the jungle

Snake skin and wild cat print
Trend forecasters are absolutely positive about snakeskin and wild cat spots being the next rage. Make sure you know which animal will be more popular in the next season so that your wardrobe is in tune with the changing roar!


Do new experiments
There is a difference between being aware of the trends and following them blindly. The secret style mantra is to add your own character into what you wear. May be black and white tiger prints are in but if you think a giraffe graphic can make you stand out without being too outdated, go ahead with the giraffe. Experimenting with unnatural colors is also a great way to break the monotony of the browns, greys and golds that have become iconic hues for animal prints of almost every kind.

It can also be a well thought move to pair unusual wild prints with solids. Try experimenting with the amount of print you carry. It does not always have to be on your entire top or bottom. May be a plain shirt with a printed collar could make you look prettier. Or a little print on the hem can add just the right amount of intensity to your outfit. Pick jackets with printed pockets or designs that have the printed side as an element of surprise!


One thing to always keep in mind while wearing animal prints is that they can never be matched with similar accessories. Think contrast when planning to pair the two. A printed scarf would be great with a solid (one color) suit, a plain hat would be perfect with a printed dress, printed earrings will go with a printed bag given that there is no more print on the rest of your clothing. It is as simple as balancing two opposites by carefully analyzing how they are different in features.


Animal Print shoes
Nothing can beat the sensual charm of a pair of pumps (shoes) that are printed in the style of a wild cat skin. But the very same pumps can single handedly bring down the essence of a certain look if not worn with the right set of clothes. Jazz up an otherwise plain piece by matching it with printed shoes. But if you are already wearing something in animal prints, stick to the no-texture no- embellishment no-print rule in case of what’s on your feet.

Better still; make the perfect mark by donning animal printed boots or canvas shoes or sandals as statement accessories with one-color garments. Instead of wearing heavy jewelry, use footwear to draw attention to one element of your attire. Cheetah prints look excellent when worn with shades of dark blue. Similarly, zebras can go with bright reds, greens and even purple.

Animal prints are the easiest way to add oomph for any occasion. They allow plenty of styling options from layering to minimalism and subtle sophistication. You do not need to be daring to try an animal print. Just an application of logic and understanding of visual aesthetics are required to wear these prints without committing a fashion blunder.

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