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The X- (mas) factor

The X- (mas) factor

Gone are the days when dressing up for Christmas meant the usual Santa caps, safe LBDs, reds and greens. As the festival turns more innovative with the passing years, styles need a makeover too. Here is a compilation of ideas that will make sure you stand out in the crowd. Pick your favorite and be a party star!

Ditch all color!
Ditch all colour
If Christmas parties can be of varying themes, why can’t you dress up sans color? But avoid blacks. The idea is to dress in white as it is sure to remind everyone of beautiful snowflakes that blend in perfectly with the Christmas theme without being explicitly

White dress, white clutch, white earrings, white bracelets and white shoes! Don’t worry it won’t look odd. If you must, you can probably wear a statement hair accessory which is a combination of all your favorite hues. (And yes! For our sake, it is better to avoid the white when choosing your lipstick 😉

Let your attire speak of you

Let your attire speak
Wear what reflects what you are. If you love adventure sports, there is no harm in wearing a faux leather jacket. Team it with a pair of printed pants that suit the party which you wish to attend. Or if you are an art lover, you can wear prints of a popular art work. Add a graphic pop of colour to your eyelids for added effect!

For a more chiselled look, go for a plain silk top, a huge statement necklace and a long flowy skirt. Try some 3-D nail art and you will yourself feel like a diva!

Ditch the white also! 😉

Ditch the white also
Enough of the white talk! Just wear a champagne nude slip dress. Put on silver pencil heels. Dab some pale pink lipstick and it’s complete.
This look would look great with spidery eye lashes, coffee nail polish and ombre hair highlights.

Metal hues

Metal Hues
Long and baggy tops in metallic colors of gold, silver, copper and the like can be one of the simplest styles to be tried this Christmas. Just get into a pair of ankle length leggings to match the top. You can wear a dainty anklet and a glitter nail polish in any dark shade. Plum, blood red, green and midnight blue would work best.

Be a fairy! Or a mermaid!

Be a fairly or mermaid
Not necessarily by dressing up like one! (Though it’s all up to you). Christmas is the time of magic. Let your make up match that theme. Keep jewelry and accessory to the minimum. Wear a crisp formal shirt tucked into a long velvet skirt. Put on large eye lashes, heavily glittered pink lip gloss and shimmery smoky eye make up that matches with the skirt. This is absolutely the simplest way to style in the most gorgeous fashion (almost like Disney)!

For a change, don’t follow the trends. Set one!

Don't follow trend
While red lipsticks are always a Christmas favorite, it’s time to bend the rules. Go for shades of the vampire! Deep purple, Burgundy and Reddish cocoa. If you are daring enough, sport some pop shades but do make sure that they are not distracting from your outfit. The idea is to look composed yet in tune with the Christmas theme.

Short stories

Short stories
Though it might be the wrong time to wear shorts, there is one style that will still be practically possible for Christmas. Wear a pair of warm woollen leggings or jeggings then slip on a pair of shorts. Complete the look with an over sized party shirt and a huge shiny hat. This look is meant for youngsters mostly but tall and fit women can certainly give it a try.

Beautiful braids

Beautiful braids
Opt for this style only if you have very long hair and can carry off the look right. Just part all your hair into numerous braids. All the braids should be neat and perfect. You can take help of a friend if you want. Put eye-liner matching with the colour of your hair and wear brown or nude lipstick. A thick stone studded necklace that wraps around your throat snugly would be ideal to complete this look. An attractive central locket fitted on the necklace would be a preferable choice.

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