You should never let one good thing ruin another. Holi celebrations are going to be super this year but that doesn’t mean your hair needs to feel left out, neglected or taken for granted. We know you wouldn’t do the latter but just to be sure, have you figured out a way to keep the post Holi blues at bay? Like really. How are you going to keep your hair safe and well kept even after the fun-filled day comes to an end?

We will tell you how.

Start At The Roots


Taking care of the scalp is part of taking care of your hair. It is because the scalp is what holds and nurtures every precious strand on your head. So, never let this part of you get over sensitised or damaged. Go for a mild yet effective scalp lotion or baby oil. Your regular hair oil should also do the trick. Don’t be afraid to put as much as possible.

The oil would form a thin film that repels colour. In other words, the pores on your head will not absorb anything that they should not.

Shield All The Way

Gradually, work your way through the length of your hair. Don’t bother about how so much oil would make you look. You can very well cover it up.


The health of your mane is what matters the most at the end of the day. And we don’t want you to compromise on that just for looking like you stepped out of the salon for playing Holi. That would be pretty lame to begin with.

Use The Right Hair Products

You can also pick a good nourishing serum to give this anti-colour coating. The idea is to build your defences in any suitable way you can!

Stay Natural

Speaking of salon styles, this is just not a good time. Treating your hair with complex or chemical rich procedures at the salon can turn out to be nightmare after Holi. You never know how those treatments would react with the dyes and tinted chemicals that you might be subjected to in case you are sport for the festival.


In a nutshell, keep your hair exactly the way it is. Leave the extra pampering for later. Once the colour fever passes its peak.

Be Smart With Styling


And no, we don’t mean keeping it loose or half done. We are talking about braids. If you follow the oiling advice, then braiding would also be the most appropriate hairstyle for you. Not only will it keep the bad-hair-day-feeling at bay but would also lend you an edgy statement to be talked about.

Keep It Off Limits


Yes. Quite literally. Either keep your head covered with a sturdy cap or wrap your tresses in a scarf or bandanna that won’t fall apart at the wrong time. Remember that if they can’t reach you, they won’t be able to harm you.

Play Intelligently


Holi doesn’t have to be so scary as it appears to your hair and skin. Only if you were smart enough to make intelligent choices. Instead of chemical-rich hues, go for flowers or herbal powders. They might end up being good for you while being safe for the environment at the same time.
Remember that the festival of colours represents happy moods. Naturally, it is important that your hair feels the same way too. Bombarding it with the harsh stuff can cause long term damage. You can also consult a dermatologist for advice.

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