Tips: How To Look Good In Each Selfie You Click?

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The selfie fever is here to stay. And it is quite evident that it will stay for much longer than we thought. After all, it’s fun and we all are the best critics for ourselves. That means, we know which poses would make us look the best and that is why we end up looking better in our selfies than in the pictures clicked by others. Unless, of course, those others are really good at photography.



So, how to ensure that every selfie can pass on without a retake? You would be surprised that it is possible to take a great selfie even without those editing filters. You just need to find what flatters you naturally. Be it a certain pose, a particular expression, background, colours, make-up or the people who accompany you in your clicks. Every little detail matters. And that is why it is good to know the tips and tricks for getting it right, every time.


Some people are naturally photogenic. But some people know how to be photogenic every time the camera clicks. And this probability increases when you are the photographer as well as the model. Taking a good selfie is no rocket-science. However, if you are wondering how some people are able to master the art perfectly, here’s how you can do the same.

Have Fun. Stay Natural



Pictures are more candid when you are having fun. And candid pictures have the tendency to look awesome.



Highlight Your Favourite Facial Features
Ever wondered why the duck-face or the toothache expressions became so popular? It is because they helped to highlight the best facial features. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what would make your eyes look bigger, your jaw line more contoured or your hair, fabulous.

Avoid Using The Front Camera Of The Phone



The front camera might be easier to use for a selfie but it doesn’t do full justice to it. Instead, practice clicking with the back camera of the phone several times.

Experiment With Different Facial Expressions
As mentioned earlier, different expressions work differently. See what suits you the best.

Browse For Some Celebrity Inspiration
Celebrities are there to be copied. So no harm in that. See how they have perfected the selfie art. So, look at what makes them look so good. Also, how creative they have been with their selfies. You can try mimicking more than one of those.



Location Matters. So Does The Background
Never click in front of a shabby background. Poor lighting or surrounding colours do have an impact on how the picture would turn out to be. So, pick a spot with good natural light and complimenting colours.


Here are a few things to keep in mind while taking a selfie.
Make sure the camera lens is clear
Sometimes, accumulated dust and mist can make the lens blurry. In other words, the photos would turn out to be unclear. Sure you don’t want that. So, keep the lens clean at all times.



Take care of the lighting
Good lighting helps take a perfect picture anytime and every time.

Make-Up Will Always Accentuate Your Features
Use highlighter to focus on your nose, cheekbones, collar etc. And a good colour would make that pout all the more attractive.


And when you are ready to take a selfie, you should also remember that:
The proper angle matters
Everybody has one particular way in which they look the best. See what works best for you. It is easy. Practice taking a few snaps before the mirror, look at different ways in which you can look better or smile better. Also, hold the camera at various styles to make sure that you capture yourself perfectly.

Every Person Has That Flattering Pose



Just like the right angle, a good pose makes a picture better or worse. Casual, corporate or modeling poses will all have a unique appeal. See what works best for you.

Filters And Photo-Apps Make Your Job Easier



Check out the different picture apps and airbrushing filters to know how you can make that snap even more beautiful, just like a pro.

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