Bridal anklets or payals (पायल) have been around for centuries. Now, with an amazing range of style and pattern, these are turning out to be a must-have for almost every Indian bride. Sparkling stones and dazzling charms carved out of metal lend a very ethnic quality to these pieces while still keeping up with the latest trends. Some are even adorned with little bells and string work while others continue to flaunt the lovely Kundan (कुंदन) elements. Have a look at the ten most favorite designs that deserve to be a part of your bridal wear.

A close grip Payal

Close Grip Anklet
These fit firmly around the ankle giving a very sophisticated feel. This design is mostly sturdy and a strong base holds the entire piece in place. Wear it with a bridal dress that has a very royal aura about it. Since this design has such a close fit, it would be nice to pair it up with fishtails and other form fitting lehengas. The rest of your jewellery should also be to-the-point to keep the look composed.

Extra broad designs for Indian Anklets

Extra Broad Design Anklet
This is truly lovable. The heaviness makes the feet appear so delicate that you would feel like a fairy tale princess on your wedding day. See if you can find some huge ones that have nothing but rows of Kundan. Totally enviable!

Broad designs with dangling beads or pearls Payal

Broad design Anklet
A twist to the broad anklets, these designs are more traditional in appearance. If you want your bridal wear to reflect the essence of your culture, then nothing can be more Indian than these designs.

Dainty pieces

Dainty pieces anklet
It is your wedding. We get it. But who said that every bride needs to be so heavily dressed that it is difficult to even move about? It is your day and that is the reason why your personality should be reflected in what you choose to wear. You don’t have to go for heavy stone works if you don’t want to. A pretty silver chain or the one with dangling charms around your feet would be wonderful too.

Elaborate foot cover

Elaborate foot cover
You would not need any footwear if you choose to go with this design. Preferred for their richness and exquisite craftsmanship, these anklets are sure to elevate the look of your feet by several degrees.

Tribal Anklets

Tribal anklet
Make a memorable fashion statement on your special day by stepping out in tribal anklets. Now, we are not asking you to wear cowrie shells or feathers on your feet. That would be disastrous if you are dressed in the Indian bridal attire. The idea is to experiment with designs in black and silver or heavy tribal motifs that are worn in several Indian states. If you have not picked your dress yet, this could be a could theme to begin with.

Layered strings

Layered strings
Classy and fool-proof, anklets with layered strings in metal or beads can never be a wrong choice. Balance it out with the rest of your jewellery. If you are going to wear a pearl neck piece, then there is no point in getting gold chains for your feet. Just explore the variety of layered strings that are available today and you will certainly find the perfect match to your complete bridal attire.

Thick whites and silver

Thick whites and silver
Another classic design, thick anklets in silver or white are the smartest choice a bride can make. Not only do they have a gorgeous appearance, they can be the decisive elements for choosing your clothes too. It is time to let go of the traditional colors. Choose your dress to match with these lovely ankle adornments.

Traditional motifs in gold for the Indian Looking Payal

Traditional motifs in gold for the Indian looking anklet
If you prefer the appeal of traditional jewellery, it would not be a bad idea to put on a pair of anklets that have little golden plates decorated with old motifs and symbols. But make sure that you try on a good number of designs before settling for the final piece. Also, these anklets do not necessarily go well with all outfits. So, it would be better to try them while you are trying your wedding dress.

Contemporary simplicity

Contemporary simple anklets
Go for anklets with toe rings and the ones made in silver or decorated with pearls. These designs will add a contemporary touch to an otherwise traditional wedding. One thing that you should keep in mind is to make sure that the rest of your dress matches well with the anklets that you choose.

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