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Top 10 Best Sexy Choli Designs

Top 10 Best Sexy Choli Designs

Sexy-CholiA woman’s upper physique is best accentuated when she wears a choli, a midriff baring blouse which is worn mostly with sarees or lehengas. In other words, a choli is a blouse. And the variety of styles and designs in a choli is endless. Right from the style of the sleeves, neckline, back of choli to the colors and different patterns on the choli, the list is seriously never ending. But there is one more thing, a choli can either make or break your look. And this is exactly why we give you some of the sexiest trending cholis, so that you always get to make a style statement!

1. Backless Bejeweled Choli
Give your choli a chunky touch with a backless choli. The design of the choli is such that it has bejeweled chunky stones set in strings. They fall beautifully on a toned back and will always look great. Make sure that you have a toned back for this, as this one is quite daring to wear. Amrita Arora wore this kind of a choli beautifully with a dark blue saree, and she was bang on with this one.

2. Short Cholis
Think of a choli that stop right at the edge of your breasts, in a classy color and a design that doesn’t make it look vulgar in spite of being short. Yes, short cholis are very much in vogue right now. If you are shy to expose a major part of your midriff, then simply wrap the dupatta over it lightly in the front and you are good to go. The highlight of this choli is that it makes body curves more prominent. Manish Malhotra made just the perfect choli for one of his runway shows with his trademark boondi embellishments.

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3. Encrusted Choli
Have a monotone saree that you want to jazz up? Now you don’t have to search for heavy jewelry to go with it. Just team it up with a sexy choli instead. Add a slim shoulder strap, or make a backless choli instead and make it in colors that are not expected but still compliment the color of the saree. But just making use of colors is not enough, add the oomph factor through experimentation of necklines, shoulder straps, back of the blouse, etc.

4. Gold Embellished
Maybe you have the most beautiful heavy lehenga, how do you match that with an equally sexy choli? Anita Dongre seems to have found the solution to that by introducing the gold embellished choli. Gold is a color that seems to go with all colors, similar embellishments are also quite doable. Add details that look more regal like high neckline, full sleeves etc.

5. Sheer Fabric
Jade by Monica and Karishma is one of the fashion houses that has introduced this style. Nothing defines sexy and classy at the same time like sheer fabric. It could have slight embellishments as well and show less of your midriff thus making it suitable for people who don’t want to expose too much skin also.

7. Corset Style
This one looks best in colors like gold, silver and other shimmery colors and patterns. A tube shaped choli like a corset also looks quite sexy. You can also try bold colors in it like Deepika’s tube pink choli from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Your arms, neck and curves are highlighted very well through this design.

8. Mirror It Up
Mirrors have been used in fashion design for the longest time, as inspiration and as actually attaching them to the fabric. But the new trend is to have colored mirrors instead. They look good in just any style of choli and you can also choose exactly where they go. The choice of colors should be complementary and you are good to go.

9. Jacket Style
The inside of this choli has a basic bikini style to it. And to cover it up, you wear a see-through jacket. It immediately adds a twist to your choli by evoking curiosity due to the see through jacket. Delicate mirror and thread work works best on this style.

10. One Shoulder Choli
Going off shoulder on one side is a great way to up your look! The strap on one shoulder could have 2 straps instead, could be bejeweled, have intricate thread work and even interesting brooches. Make sure this choli has a low cut back so that the choli can highlight both your bare shoulder as well as the back.

11. Crocheted Choli
The crochet style is definitely very chic, it is one of those styles with which you can never go wrong. Though the basic design of crochet is the same, you can try out different base colors for the choli.

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