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Top 10 Colours In Shoes

Top 10 Colours In Shoes

There is a beautiful dialogue in the movie ‘In Her Shoes’ starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collett where Collett says, “I get something out of shoes! When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good.. food just makes me fatter.. shoes always fit”. Bless her for truly engulfing the spirit of shoe shopping.

The applauding variety available to us these days in stores are put out there so we can enjoy and pamper our minds by owning them. Shoes are no more to cover feet obviously. They now make statements with their colors, fabric, styles and height. No ensemble is truly complete without a gorgeous pair of delightful cleats.

Lets talk about the colors in this season –

The Black Magique

Black Mgique
Black is by far the only color that never ever goes out of style. Let it be black pumps, stilettos, peep toes, sandals, Italian sling-backs, strappy sandals or flat glittery chappals. Black color looks alluring in all of them. Even bridal footwear these days have black base color and golden embroidery all over it. It truly is the “black magic”. Most of all black is an

The Nude Peep toes and Pumps

Nude Pumps
Nude color is almost as mesmerizing as black. There is no denying that it looks best in a high heeled shoes and not flats. Nude color pumps are extremely hot this season and are much loved by our Bollywood stars.

The Neon fluorescence

Neon fluorescence
Neon colors like hot pink, bright orange, lemon yellow are strikingly eye catching. Pair them up with your LBD (Little Black Dress) or a pair of formal black pants and they will not disappoint you. They look best in pumps and flats. We recommend you to buy them from street shops.

The Bow and Prints Parade

Bow and Prints Parade
Bow and Prints Parade[/caption]Printed shoes with bows in all primary colors is another trend that keeps returning and it is here now. From floral prints to geometric prints they all look stunning when paired with winter casuals or summer sun dresses.

The Glitter Gamut

Glitter Gamut
These are by far the most party worn colors. Glittery golden pumps would take the first place followed by diamond encrusted peep-toes are a raging trend worn mostly after sundown. These bejeweled colors are beautifully clubbed with whites and silvers all articulated in one dazzling, exquisite shoe.

The Mustard Ochre Haze

Mustard Ochre Haze
Lets look at a more comfortable day to day range of shoes. Mustard and blue colored moccasins and flats have made a huge comeback this fall. It is a unique color but it sure will go with your dark blue denims and white top.

The Blood Red Tantalizer

Blood Red Tantalizer
Red Color used to be not as hot as the above listed chromas but is being brought back by many tinsel town starlets. Pair this colour with black, blue and white outfits and look at all heads turn.

Soft Velvety Greens

Soft Velvety Greens
This is a new color gaining a lot of attention due to it’s unique quality of adding depth to any outfit you wear. Pair it with absolutely any outfit and a green handbag and you’re all set for outdoors. Treat yourself to a pair of green leather sandals or sling-backs and you’re sure to stand out in a crowd.

The No Color Silvers

No Color Silvers
Sinfully chic and immensely sensuous the transparent shoes add a whole new dimension to footwear fashion. A must have for all the dress lovers. It goes with every single piece of clothing owned by you but I believe that it looks extremely snazzy when paired with cocktail dresses. It makes your curved beautifully sculpted feet visible.

The Powder Blue Effect

Powder Blue color is a trend lost somewhere but is making a comeback. This color suits every shoe style possible. Whether you own powder blue flats or heels they are bound to go with all shoes types. They go really well with casuals.

The most fascinating fact about all these colors is that they suit all complexions. I reckon this is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Make sure you keep all your lovely shoes dust free by keeping them in a cotton cloth bag individually and storing them in either your almirah footlockers or in a relatively dust free place. It is also essential that you keep them away from direct sunlight.
This will not only keep your shoes looking new but will also protect their colors for longer. Happy heels this season to all the readers.

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