Looking for unique designer blouses that are affordable, here are some designer looking, yet low cost blouses for you. We seek designer advice as we need to know what is the latest, with regards to designs, material and colors. But this always comes with a huge price tag, plus they are not always reliable for on time delivery. Here are some creative solutions and some secrets revealed to make your wardrobe in trend and that too at reasonable price range.

Origin And Introduction To Blouse

Blouses are an significant part of a woman’s attire. It covers the upper part of the body and ends before navel revealing the stomach which was initially designed to keep some ventilation and space to curb harsh Indian summers.

But now the fashion industry describes it as a tight fitted garment which covers the upper front of a women’s body when worn with a saree. Women aspire to look great, when they go out with friends, attend parties, weddings etc. Following the trend, women want to touch up their blouses more than the saree.

So ladies you can get these designs made by your own Tailor or Boutiques.

Designer Inspired Saree Blouse Patterns

The Royal Cut:
Royal Cut design
This princess cut sleeve blouse in shimmer fabric at the bust with wired piping looks great with a velvet embroidered shrug in floral design decked with white stones and golden lace. This design gives a royal and modern look. This is definitely a head turner. This can be paired with most of your netted sarees with velvet border. Velvet is the in thing in traditional wear.

The Golden Arm:
Golden Arm design
Back opened Georgette blouse again with princess cut adorned with different types of borders and golden sequined fabric looks very simple yet elegant to carry with a saree or lehenga. The back of the blouse has chanderi fabric with wired piping, dori and latkan (a hanging accessory used in blouses) giving it a little Punjabi look. These can be paired with any of your jari sarees or your kanjevaram sarees. It gives a very modern look to the traditional looking sarees.

Printed companion:
Printed design
Choosing a blouse design for a printed saree can be quite challenging. Specially when you want to make it look like a designer blouse. A simple printed fabric converted to a designer blouse by adding a simple closed collar with a dark colored border joining the two parts together. It can also be made by attaching a net fabric base with the border so as to make it more comfortable. The design will suit a simple solid saree as well as printed ones. Adorn this beautiful piece with a bit of attitude and you are ready to take on the world.

The Precious Look:
Precious look
Cut sleeved embroidered front open blouse having heavy look suitable for various parties, wedding functions etc. The blouse is ornamented with silver stoned border, Swarovski chains and brooches. The two flower brooch and a bigger stone brooch give the blouse steep towards a heavier side. Though this blouse can be a bit expensive, but if you know the right places to shop for your accessories it can be affordable. And since it is in nude color, just one of this piece and you can mix and match your sarees. The skin colored blouse is easy to carry with many colors like black, red or yellow saree.

Beautiful Black:
Beautiful Black
Another simple one with zari embroidered black colored blouse and closed collared neck have georgette sleeves with closed cuffs. The blouse has circular cut out design at the back which reveals the back giving it a glamorous look. The blouse can be carried not only with sarees but with other garments like lehenga, long skirt etc. Try this blouse design with one of the light weight plain sarees to give you a feminine and gracious look.

The Simple Elegant Look:
Simple elegant look
A sober V-neck blouse with princess line enhanced with golden border gives a very sophisticated look. The blouse can be carried out with saree, lehenga, long skirt etc. The cut sleeve blouse looks very sensual as well as royal. Wear this with a see though saree revealing the simple elegant look of the blouse.

The Wedding Wear:
Wedding Wear
This designer blouse has very unique yet sensual design to suit your wardrobe for various occasions like parties, wedding etc. The blouse has blue wired piping with a black and embroidered border with a false shape cut out giving a sensual look.

The Shimmer:
Shimmer Look
This shimmery sequined blouse has very simple design with soft georgette supported by a silver stone brooch, the sleeves and shoulders looks like a different part giving a unique look. It also has wired piping so as to avoid any discomfort to the skin by holding the sequined fabric. This blouse is suitable for various occasions and can be carried with a sober looking saree.

For The Royal Look:
Royal look
Another blouse with brooch like patch attached at the back on a burnout fabric base with bordered shoulders and short sleeves. The wired piping of pink color protrudes out and looks very good. The white color of the blouse gives a very royal look. The blouse will give a very unique look if carried with a pink colored saree.

The Fancy Look:
Fancy look
A simple designer blouse with boat neck having kali is like structure at the neck joining the bust line. The bustier like look with an attached light weight fabric gives it a very unique look. The blouse carries a very different look and also has violet cuffs attached with the sleeves. The blouse can go with any occasion and can be carried with saree, lehenga etc.

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