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Top 10 Easy And Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Top 10 Easy And Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is that day of the year, when people actually spend a good amount of time in order to look scary. The day when you can officially allow yourself to have a “bad hair day.” When smudgy make up or weird lipsticks are totally cool.
Yes, its time to gear up to look your spooky best.


Step one is to pick up a character. Halloween is all about horror and drama. The next step is to ace the costume. A costume helps you play the character effortlessly. But what is of utmost importance is our step three- makeup. Makeup is top priority when mastering a look. You can’t ace the look without that sly smile or those dark eyes.

Here are ten looks and how you can achieve them through make up.

1. Blood Suckers

You can pick the classic vampire look. The look is very simple to achieve. You have to be the long gone, bloodthirsty vampire, so you need to do the part. Apply black eye shadow for a dramatic look followed by a reddish or purple eye shadow under your eye. Then add a really gothic lipstick. You can choose between a red, black, or even violet one. A little drop of blood here and there will make it even more convincing.

2. Joker From Batman

Playing Joker from Batman is really cool. You can also go for a usual eerie joker. So, you just need a nice white paint on your face. You can go for the standard red nose and a big creepy red smile. The lips have to be exaggerated. You can add cuts to your look like the Joker(batman). A messy hairdo will look perfect.

3. Haunted Princess

This one is really innovative. You can pick your favorite princess and turn it into a horror story. You have to appear cold and frozen. So white or blue base can be picked for your face. You can use shimmer for your eyes and a colorful eye shadow. The lipstick shade can be dark pink, pale blue, purple or some pastel shade. So what if you are a haunted princess, you can still be pretty.

4. Feline

Another common look is the feline look. A wildcat, cat woman or lioness. You can pick anyone from the cat family. Use a dark eyeshadow to create depth or gradient around your eyes. Paint your nose black. You can also use eyeliner for the same. Then with the eyeliner draw whiskers around your face. Add a red lipstick and you are done. You can also create some dots around your eyes for more impact.

5. Demented Witch

There is nothing more exotic than playing the demented witch. Wizards and witches have been an intriguing part of our childhoods. For a witch look the eyes have to be brooding and beseeching. Play around your eyes, use fake lashes, dark eyeshadows and nicely arched eyebrows. You can also add shape to your face by coloring the area under your cheekbones some dark shade. This contouring will create an illusion. A bright red lipstick will finish the look.

6. Tribal Princess

This is probably a very colorful look. Like all other looks, you need to play around the eyes. You can either go all American Indian with eyes painted red, or apply paint or colored eye shadow under your eyes. Use interesting patterns around your eyes and go for a bold lipstick shade.

7. Soul-Sucking Skeleton

Only two colors are needed in this one- black and white. The white one will be more like an outline and the black will add depth and detailing. This one needs a lot of artistic attention. Leaving your forehead, chin and cheekbones, everything else needs to be painted black.

8. Curse Of The Mermaid

The mermaid look is the least scary look. Use the colors blue, white and pink for this one. You need to create scales around your face. You can also use more colors and create a gradient for the same. Our suggestion is to add shimmery shades to your gradient. A subtle lipstick will do just fine.

9. Spooky Doll

Remember Annabelle the doll? Spooky dolls are easy to create. They are cute and really intimidating. Highlight the eyes. Draw lashes around your eyes, to give your eyes a big look. Eyeliner comes really handy in this look. The lips have to be partially colored in a pout shape. Needless to say, two pigtails are the best hairdo option.

10. Swan Lake

Could anything be more daunting than the Black Swan? You can totally steal Natalie Portman’s look from the Black Swan. Meticulously create wings around your eyes and add a maroon shade lipstick. Tie your hair in a bun and Voila!

Pick the look that you want to sport this Halloween and scare the hell out of people.

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