Top 10 Easy and Trendy Hairstyle For Curly Hair

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“Wow, you have such amazing straight hair, I wish I had it too.” This is a dialogue uttered by every curly haired girl at least once in her life. What they don’t realize is that simply the fact that their hair is curly makes every hairstyle, even the simplest ones, look intricate and elegant. Curly hair is extremely attractive and we are about to tell you some amazing hairdos that you can try out which are easy and just gorgeous:

  1. The Side Bun
    Side bun

    Side bun

    • The most feminine and pretty hairstyle for curly hair. And it never goes out of trend
    • Part your hair to one side after a shower, apply some smoothing cream to the damp hair
    • Let it dry
    • Once dry, finger comb the curls to the side of your choice making a makeshift ponytail.
    • Wrap a rubber band around the ponytail twice. On the third time, create a bun by not pulling out all the hair at the end of it.
    • Loosen up the curls with your fingers, and add some flirty accessories if you wish.
  2. Pinned up Curls
    Pinned up Curls

    Pinned up Curls

    • One hell of a romantic hairstyle, and looks good on almost every face shape
    • Part your hair to one side after a shower, and apply smoothing cream to damp hair
    • Loosen the curls with your fingers to help dry faster
    • After drying, pin it to the back with bobby pins in small sections. Do not take big chunks
    • If you have long hair, make a bun and twirl the loose hair chunks to the back with bobby pins
    • Use anti-frizz spray in the end to give it a finished look
  3. Polished Curls
    Polished Curls

    Polished Curls

    • This one is for those who like to tame their wild curls and still get to leave them open
    • Apply smoothing cream and blow dry the hair
    • Use styling gel or cream in a generous amount, use your fingers to twirl each section to make them look polished
    • Once these curls are defined, shake them a little and immediately apply a lightweight hairspray
    • This hairstyle is very easy and sophisticated at the same time

  4. Messy Bun
    Messy Bun

    Messy Bun

    • This one is for long curls, quite casual but still looks stylish.
    • Apply texturing product to damp curls after a shower, and let them dry on their own for a tousled look
    • Leave some curls around the face, and take the rest back with your fingers to form a ponytail
    • Like the side burn, wrap the elastic twice and on the third time don’t pull all the hair through thus creating a half bun. Let the ends stick out of the bun.
    • Apply hairspray to finish.
  5. The Headband is here!


    • For the perfect glam touch, add a slim headband right above the forehead and you are good to go
    • Define the curls while drying by adding a styling gel
    • Finger comb the top hair and pin them at the back with a tiny clip
    • Slip on a thin headband to push back hair from the hairline. Do not use your fingers to separate the curls
    • Use hairspray to tame flyaways
  6. Half Updo
    Half Updo

    Half Updo

    • Those tiny ringlets look great even with just a basic updo
    • Apply smoothing cream after a shower and let your curls dry naturally
    • When completely dry, take the upper half of your hair and pull it back for a half up do. Secure it with a clip, barrette or some accessory
    • Spray anti frizz hairspray
  7. Ponytail


    • Doesn’t a curly ponytail also look just great? But there is a certain way of achieving that perfect ponytail
    • Spray hair with texturing product and let it dry to show your natural curls
    • Do not brush your hair with a comb and just pull it back into a pony and tie an elastic around it
    • Tug at the ponytail to loosen it up a little and let a few strands circle your face to look sexy
  8. Combed Out Curls
    Combed out curls

    Combed out curls

    • This is another fabulous way to show off those lovely curls
    • Deep condition your curls, apply a generous amount of smoothing cream to them while damp
    • Center part the hair, let it dry. Then comb through them with a wide tooth comb till they become loose waves
    • Tease the ends to curl up a little once again for a tousled look
  9. Wispy Bun
    Wispy Bun

    Wispy Bun

    • Apply curl cream to wet hair and blow dry
    • Keep top hair loose, and gather curls into a ponytail. Then twist the curls to form a bun and secure using bobby pins
    • Take curls near hairline and pin them loosely, and let a few strands fall here and there around the ears
  10. Faux Bob
    Faux Bob

    Faux Bob

    • Best for the last, the very glamorous Faux Bob
    • Apply curl cream to damp curls and blow dry using diffuser
    • When dry, pull hair into a ponytail, and secure it at the nape of the neck.
    • Let front curls fall at chin level
    • Make your ponytail roll under, secure loose ends with bobby pins
    • Let a few strands fall here and there, it makes the hairdo look more natural
    • Mist with a strong hairspray to secure the hair in place

So these are the easiest, trendiest and most stylish hairdos for those lovely curls. Go ahead, Give them a try, they are worth it.

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