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Top 10 Amazing EyeLiner Styles That are Easy

Top 10 Amazing EyeLiner Styles That are Easy

Eyes speak a lot! So make your eyes look special. There fore you need to style your eye different.From winged to smudged eyes, we have got 10 super easy, super hot eye-liner looks that you should try out this season!

Cat Eye Look

Cat eyes look
The ever fashionable, cat eye look looks good on everyone. It has been in fashion since the 50s, and it still delivers an ultra chic look with a mix of glamor. This look is also very easy to do. Any color pencil or eye-liner can be used to get this look. It can be worn on a daily basis as well. Mix it up with any type of makeup; you’ll always end up looking fab! The cat eye look goes will with Indian traditional as well as western outfits.

This look can also make small eyes look large when applied well; all you have to do is apply your eye-liner thick and dark over your upper eyelids.

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Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye Look
It is like the normal eye-liner, but smudge it up a bit. Smudge it from the bottom, top or even from the corners. It is a very easy way to give your eyes a beautiful look. It suites a day as well as an evening look. The key to this look is that the eyes should look smoky and not look like one has dark circles. The smudge should be appropriate. It will take some practice before you get this look right!

Defined Eyes

Defined Look
The defined eyes are the type of eyes when you outline the shape of the eyes with the eye-liner. This is one of the classic looks, It does not require any extra effort. The liner should not be too thick, not too thin. It gives a definite look and shape to the eyes giving you a bright and fresh look. Be sure to use a well pointed and dark Kajal for this look. This look is also for all the office goers who don’t have the time to spare. Looks best with long eyelashes, so remember to use lustrous mascara when you are going for this look.

Colored Eyes

Colored Eyes
A trend which we have been seeing everywhere is the colored eye look. Blue, green, yellow or go neon, apply it with a hint of shimmer, or use it on the waterline. It always looks good. There are many ways of applying it. Work on which type suits you the best and let us know! This is a look for all party goers for the glittery effect. Either match it to your dress or you can use contrasting colors, but do remember to keep the lipstick to the minimum nude or gloss effect.

Metallic LOOK

Metallic Eyes
Gold, silver, bronze All the glisten for your eyes. The current trend says that the bold, dramatic eyes are in, and so are the metallic eyes. Try out the various colors and shades. These metallic liners are great for a night outs. Like the colored eyes, be sure not to over board with this look, keep other color elements (like lipstick, blush) on your face to minimum.

The Grunge Look

Grunge Look
A thick layer of eye-liner on the upper lid of the eye and a thick layer of the eyeliner on the lower lid of the eye. These are especially for women with beautifully thick eyebrows. If you don’t have thick brows stroke your eyebrows for this intense appeal when you are going all black. Super easy! Super-hot! Always been in fashion. Do not go too loud with the rest of the make-up. Just give it a try. Click here to watch a video.

The Natural Look

Natural Look
If you are the type of person who likes minimal make-up, try this out. Just a thin line of eye-liner on the upper lid of the eyes and you’re done. Not too loud, not too flashy. Just naturally stylish you. This is if you want to go the no make up look and want to just the eyes to do the talking.

Graphic Eyes

Graphic Eyes
The new look which is very much in trend these days is the GRAPHIC eyeliner style. If you’re bored with the same old eyeliner styles, then you should probably try this style. Use your imagination, and create what you want to. Thin lines, circles, thick lines, rectangles whatever you want.. just bring on the creative you!

White Eyes

There are colored eye liners, and then there are white eye liners. Adding up a white eye-liner to your make-up bag could be a great option. The white eye-liner look gives you a fresh look, breaking the monotony. It makes the eyes look brighter and wider. Apply it with a light make-up and you will look great as ever. White eye-liner can be combined with your black eye-liner to give you “deep eyes”

Drop Eye Look

The drop eye-liner look is when you apply the eye-liner half way on the bottom of your eye lid as if you have dropped the eye-liner halfway. Do not overdo it, do not do very less of it. It looks super sexy if done properly. You can also experiment this style with various colors.

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