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Top 10 Hairstyles With Puffs

Top 10 Hairstyles With Puffs

bouffant crown with bangsWhen it comes to women, each and every aspect of their personality from tip to toe should be perfect enough to grab the eyeballs. Puffs are in for that. Yes the very famous and stylish designs of hair are very much in this season. Puff hairstyle does not only add volume to your hair but, also redefine your face cut. It changes your whole look, gives your face a perfect shape and at the same time enhances your personality. This hot hairstyle makes you look elegant and sophisticated as well. Sexy yet cute, that’s what these puffs do to you. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles just for you.

1. Puffed Crown With A Bun:puffed crown with a bun
the voluminous bun makes your hair look fuller and thicker. This hairstyle has a unique quality that is its versatile nature. It can go with all kind of outfits. It can also be worn in both day and night occasion, matched with long or short dress of any vibrant color.

2. Puff With A pony:puff with pony
As the name suggests the puffed hair in front and a pony high or low, gives you a pretty girly look. It can be matched with simple ethnic look as well as full length sexy dress. This look creates a fancy look and can be worn for college events and parties.

3. Half pin puff with braids:puff with braids
If you want to try something different, half pin puff with braids will just do the job. This hairstyle is perfect for party looks. Half pin puff with braids when creatively amalgamated with a party wear will make you look awesome. It can be done with partitioned hair which will add personality and attitude to your look.

4.Side Bangs With Low Pony:side bangs with pony
Side bangs with low pony are very popular as they are worn all around the world. This hairstyle gives your face a perfect cut and goes with all kinds of makeup. Brides in Side bangs with low pony look very peppy yet traditional. With just few twisted and loose strands, it looks classy. It gives you the smart look which will add sparks to your attitude.

5. Messy Puffs:messy puffs
princess, yes that’s what you’ll be called if you choose to wear a messy puff. Messy puffs can be mixed with loosely made curls, Low pony and braids which will add elegance to your look.

6. The Victorian Puff:victorian puff
The best quality about this hairstyle is that they are very unique. They give you a fairy look and can be worn for picnics or brunch parties. People can easily spot this puff as it is very eye catchy. It gives you a dramatic and modern feel about your whole attire.

7. Half-up and half-down Updo:half up and half down
These are very easy and quick to make. You can even make it at home. It is a perfect combination of half puffed up bun and loosely falling lower section. It can be worn with simple dresses.

8.Bouffant Crown with short front bangs:bouffant crown with bangs
this glamorous hairstyle will just give you a simple and classy look. Puff in front with loose bangs shapes your face and give it a diva look. This hairstyle will look perfect with all kinds of dress be it an ethnic or a party wear. It can add a glamorous quotient for brides.

9. Bumped Up Back Pony:bumpd up back pony
this clean look with slight volume on the back with puff will add glitters to your look. It is usually made for all kinds of occasions. It makes you look appealing.

10. Bouffant Front With Clean Pony:bouffant front
you can’t resist this one. Bouffant front with clean pony is a mark of uniqueness in itself. It makes your face look clean and sleek. This hairstyle is also for all kind of occasion and can be worn with short dresses.

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