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Top 10 Most Expensive Nail Art

Top 10 Most Expensive Nail Art

What would you do if you won a million dollar lottery? You could buy a house, get a fast car, travel around the world or well just get a nail art done. Yes! Some ladies of the elite club have decided to flaunt their fortune, which we lesser mortals can only dream of, on their cuticles. If you find it hard to believe, you need to check out our list of top 10 most expensive nail arts.

1. Iced Manicure by Cherish…ME

Price: $51,000
Iced Manicure by Cherish...ME
One can get their nails encrusted with 10 carat diamonds at the famous Cherish…ME salon from none other than top manicurist, Cherish Angula. All you need to dish out is well, $ 51,000! And yes, rest assured, the salon provides a complimentary after-care.

2.Encapsulation by Leighton Denny

Price: $ 32,000
Encapsulation by Leighton Denny
Coveted manicurist Leighton Denny will ‘encapsulate’ your nails with glittering diamonds, rubies or sapphires at the Urban Retreat Day Spa and Salon in London for a cool $32,000. This luxurious nail treatment, hold your breath, has a long waiting list of around 200! And not surprisingly, it is said to be very popular among the wealthy Arab princesses.

3.Serpent Nail Ring by Bijules

Price: $ 8000
Serpent Nail Ring by Bijules
A slightly, should we dare say, ‘practical’ form of nail art is nail-rings. The most expensive till date is by Bijules costing $8000 each or $32,000 for a set of four. Part of Bijules’s ‘Serpensive’ range, these 18 carat gold and diamond encrusted rings were worn by Beyonce for her famous video ‘Sweet Dreams’. As they say, we all can’t be Beyonce!

4. Made-to-Order Nails by Bohem

Price: Not disclosed
Made-to-Order Nails by Bohem
Luxury jewellery designer Bohem originally designed this exclusive, highly expensive made-to-order nails for Rihanna. The performer flaunted these bespoke stiletto nails during her ‘Diamonds’ world tour. As yes, the 3D nail art made of precious diamonds on metals include a huge single cut diamond. Bohem has recently launched more celebrity inspired nail arts, the price of which is closely guarded secret.

5.Glitz & Glamicure

Price: Starting at $ 10,000
Glitz & Glamicure
At the Images Luxury Nail Lounge in California, one can get a customized gold and diamond encrusted manicure that cost anywhere above $10,000. And oh, you can get the salon to shut down while getting your nails done for an ultra private treatment. The lounge, thoughtfully, will indulge you in complimentary champagne, massage, facials, makeovers and the lot that are part of being elite.

6.Gold Rush Nail Art

Price: $2,500 to $10,000
Gold Rush Nail Art
Aptly titled as ‘Gold Rush manicure’, nail technicians at some of the high-end salons will lacquer your nails in pure 24 karat gold polish as part of their luxury service, meanwhile pampering you will the choicest champagne, French desserts and your own private suit. But, hold on, the price for this sumptuous nail art can cost anywhere from $2,300 to $10,000.

7.Haute Couture Nail

Price: Starts at $500
Haute Couture Nail
With its fancy title, the haute couture treatment provides exclusive nail designs adorned with diamonds, while also pampering the client with warm jojoba oil massage, a purifying mineral bath and a fancy facial. The price vary according to the number of diamonds one requests and, that could be anywhere from 1 to 25 diamonds! So yes, the price starts at $500 but can easily shoot up to $20,000.

8.Encrusted Claw Ring

Price: $60 to $100
Encrusted Claw Ring
It seems like nail art fans just can’t get enough of the edgy claw rings or talon rings. Laruicci Megawatt Jewellery launched a range of exclusive designs like Man Eater Claw-ring ($68) and Transformer Claw-ring ($78). Noir also has their own special edition Claw rings priced between $85 and $96 per piece.

9.Metallic Gold Nail Art

Price: $200
Metallic Gold Nail Art
The shiny metallic gold nails are a stick-on that is attached to the nails using adhesive and soaked in warm water to remove, simple! These are made of pure 18 carat gold and come with a ‘doesn’t get dull or tarnished’ guarantee. So for $200 one gets easy D.I.Y removable gold nails in just about 30 seconds. Bye-bye fancy nail parlours!

10.Black Leather Nails by Nails Inc

Price: $29
Black Leather Nails by Nails Inc
After going through the list of extravagant nail arts, we have to say, dishing $29 for nail arts doesn’t sound as shocking. Nails Inc’s gorgeous ‘black leather nails’ were first spotted on Alexa Chung during the 2012 British Fashion Awards and now, has more than 1000 takers, all waiting to get their leather nails!

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