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Top 10 Quick Bedroom Makeovers

Top 10 Quick Bedroom Makeovers

Our bedrooms are the best and the most comfort giving part of our complicated and extraordinarily articulated lives. Therefore, it would be great if we can elevate our moods by kicking up our room decor up a notch. Here are top 10 insta bedroom makeovers. Lets start by digging in and figuring out any useful stuff that we might have stored up at home like flowers, photo frames, rugs, carpets etc.

Firstly, the carpet color should be lighter as a dark carpet or flooring is going to make your room look smaller and congested. If you already have dark flooring installed then do spread beige or a whitish rug or carpet on it. Do check out rugs by name Ambadi. They sell reasonably priced area rugs, which have a great fabric quality and are loaded with creative designs and are sure to capture your imagination.

Make a staging area where you gather all things that can be used to put up in your bedroom. These include articles that you can buy on-line or have in store at your home.

Plant Art
Plant art
You can never have too many plants at home. Plants make a bedroom come alive. There are several easy choices to pick from. Not all plants are suited for the bedroom. The most convenient and low maintenance plants are the lucky bamboos. They are available in an abundant variety everywhere. You can buy them online at or on . They are inexpensive and you only need to make sure to water them once or twice a week.

Yarn Chandeliers
Yarn Chandeliers
Inflate a balloon and wrap glue-coated threads all around it. You can color the threads or use white or colored thick threads. Make sure that the super glue dries and make the threads stiff. Now pop the balloon and viola! Your yarn chandelier is ready to be used. You can put a bulb inside them or just hang them without bulbs they will surely spice up your bedroom.

Stick it up
Bedroom wall decals or stickers are a fantastic way to spruce things up. Instead of investing in wallpapers, which are never cheap or instant, a wall decal is the perfect replacement choice. The base color of your wall doesn’t matter. They are extremely reasonable and abundantly available. They start from as low as INR 200 and can go up to INR 20,000 or maybe more. The variety and versatility of a wall decal is commendable. Check out for fabulous options.

Jars and Candles
insta jar candle holder
Take any old glass jars lying around the house. Scrub and shine them. Remove any sticker or brand information stuck on them. Take thick threads or woolen or jute threads and wrap them around the jars cutting their tied ends with scissors or box cutters. Then either spray or hand paint the jars using any colour of your choice. Drop tea candles inside them and light them up. They will delight you!

Origami Shanties
Make several boats, birds, animals etc. using paper and hang them in a series. You can mount them or just hang them like a wind chime. You can also use them as curtains by attaching them in a linear fashion.

Scattered Books
A bedroom must look lived in and books adds a lot of character to any bedroom. You can arrange them on your study table or night stand.

Photo Frames
Photo frames
Putting them up can be a worry some and time consuming task. Therefore, taking computer print outs with borders and sticking them to the wall serves our purpose equally well.

Bean Bags
This classifies as a portable piece of furniture which transcends room size restrictions. Bean Bags are essential bedroom furniture.

Warm Lighting
This is an unfortunately underrated option. Frankly speaking you can follow all the top tips but if you switch on a tube light instead of a nice warm light your bedroom will loose it’s romantic charm which lamps with swarming yellow lights provide. This truly will elevate your bedroom aesthetics instantly.

You don’t need to buy any expensive bed sheets or duvets. However duvets would be a good addition to your bedroom. Make sure you have a runner on top of your quilt or dohar, interesting pillow covers. Printed bed sheets will work too. They just have to be arranged in the picture above.

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