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Top 10 Sarees To Own for Office Formal Wear

Top 10 Sarees To Own for Office Formal Wear

Formal Saree
As aptly put by Tom Ford, ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’. Power dressing for success is something that should be taken seriously, especially for those women working in the corporate sector. We’ll show you how to choose the right outfit for your office wear, not with western wear but with – sarees. Yes, one of the fast emerging trends in formal wear is our beautiful Indian saree.

A key factor in choosing the right office friendly attire is color. Shades that are pleasing on the eye, for instance earthy greys or browns are considered suitable. Also remember, prints shouldn’t be loud or distracting.

Check out our list of top 10 sarees for formal wear.

1.Formal Cotton Sarees

 Cotton with zari border

  • Lightweight, skin friendly, breathable and not-to-mention affordable, cotton is easily the most preferred fabric
  • Even in terms of corporate dressing, cotton sarees lend an elegant and ethnic appeal, mainly due to the clean uniformity of its resulting drapes
  • Just make sure the sari is well starched so as to retain its crisp texture. On the flip side, regular starching does reduce its longevity
  • Also, color bleeding is a common issue in heavily pigmented cotton sarees
  • An important factor while choosing cotton sarees for formal wear is its transparency, make sure the material is substantial enough for office use
2. Cotton-Silk Sarees

cotton silk

  • The comfort of cotton and the richness of silk make cotton-silk a highly popular saree fabric, especially among urban women. Much like pure cotton, this material is also suitable for hot and humid climate, while the silk thread lends a lustrous shine
3. Dupion Silk saree For Office Wear

Dupion silk

  • Silk is the most preferred saree material for parties, weddings and occasion-wear in India. This is because silk have a beautiful sheen that provide richness to one’s look and plus, the fabric is highly durable
  • Thus even for corporate wear, silk sarees has become a wardrobe staple
  • Silk is available in different varieties, some of which can be too heavy for office use. Hence, always take care to select the right type of silk
  • Dupion or Dupioni or Douppioni silk has a crisp texture, achieved by fine warp thread and uneven entangled weft thread. Many women prefer Dupion silk for their office wear
4. Silk Bandhni Saree Option For Formal Wear

 silk bandhni

  • Kutch bandhni or bandhani, one of the most famous traditional tie and dye work of India, when combined with luxurious silk, results in silk bandhni. Sarees of such texture are perfect to bring about an ethnic regal air
5. Silk Jamdani Saree

 silk jamdani

  • Love florals? Then Jamdani could be the answer
  • Jamdani, as most are aware, is a very popular and beautiful weaving technique of Bengal, originally produced in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • While the previous versions were on muslin or karpash cotton, modern weavers have now, thankfully, introduced them in silk and cotton-silk as well
6. Tussar Bagru printed Silk saree

Tussar Bagru Silk

  • Tussar silk, also referred to as tassar, tusar or kosa silk, is more textured than any other silk variety
  • This fabric, although silk, is wearable even in warm/humid climates. The reason is its porous property, resulting in a cooler and breathable quality
  • A must-have is the exquisite Bagru printed tussar silk saree
7. Tussar Kantha embroidered Silk Saree

 tushar kantha silk
Tussar silk saree with traditional Kantha embroidery is another well-liked and very beautiful saree deemed perfect for important corporate gatherings.

8. Kanjeevaram Silk

It is important to include few luxurious sarees for special office parties or events. The traditional Kanjeevaram silk has a refined and dignified appeal of its own that is hard to match.
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9. Woven Linen Saree

 linen saree

  • Linen textile is known for its high capacity to absorb moisture, even more than cotton, thus lending it a desirably cool and fresh texture
  • It is organic, soft on the skin and modern research have shown that linen possess anti-bacterial and anti UV formula. Is it any wonder why linen has gained garnered huge interests in today’s times?
  • Thanks to the efforts of creative Indian designers, women now have sarees in linen fabric. Comfortable, subtle and graceful, linen sarees are just perfect for formal wear
10. Jamdani Linen saree

 jamdani linen
A modern innovation, Jamdani linen sarees are yet to reach the mass market. ‘Subtly exquisite’ is what defines this beautiful sari best, one of those treasured pieces that you bring out when you need to create a strong impact.

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