Best Shower Gels
Your body is vital as far as cleanliness is concerned and use of normal soap is fatal for the pH balance that keeps your body moisturized and young. Shower gels are simply impeccable fit it. Shower gels or shower cream, otherwise called body wash is one of the best toiletry product produced by many Fast Moving Consumer Goods organizations for cleaning the body. A Loofah is the best companion for any shower gels/creams. You can have a synthetic or a natural Loofah to enhance your bathing experience.

Shower gel are sold in the Indian business sector and focus mainly the grown-ups including men and ladies also there are many just for babies and children.

Following are the famous brands of shower gel used in India by millions of people:

    1. Fiama Di Willis Exotic Dream Enlivening care Gel
    From ITC’s Laboratory’s Natural, this shower gel has gorgeous fragrance and soothing touch. The tight packaging doesn’t allow the gel to spill over, the bottle is easy to carry and travel friendly. The purple colourgel with dazzling beads adds rich lather and cleans the skin beautifully. It moisturizes the skin efficiently and keeps it hydrated.

    2. Lux
    Lux Shower Gel
    Lux Shower Gel is the beauty care brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). This gel is endorsed by many celebrities and is used world-wide. One of the best smelling shower gel, used by millions of people and is best used for all types of skin. This gel will keep you fresh throughout the day.

    3. Dove beauty body wash
    Dove’s innovative Body Wash is a unique product that offers combined benefit of a Body wash and gentle exfoliation scrub. Ideal for both men and women, this nourishing body wash gives your dull and lack lustre skin a lively glow. Its exfoliating beads remove the dead skin cells and give your skin a polished and an even-texture. This contains Dove’s unique moisturizing milk that nourishes hydrates and makes your skin soft and silky.

    4. Fabindia Avocado body wash
    Fabindia Avocade Shower Gel
    Enriched with the richness of moisturizing Avocado Oil, the Body Wash from FabIndia effectively restores the skin’s lost moisture. It makes your skin soft, supple and keeps it healthy throughout the day. With a pleasant aroma that lingers around, this body wash is skin friendly and has natural ingredients.

    5. Nivea Pearl and beauty shower cream oil body wash
    Nivea Body wash
    Priced reasonably, this shower gel from Nivea is soft and easy on the skin. It works up a rich lather and leaves the skin squeaky clean and super smooth. There will be no complaint of dryness on using this product and the after-bath moisturizing isn’t really required on using this body wash.

    6. Pears Shower Gel
    Pears shower gel
    This shower gel has perhaps one of the most gentle and moisturizing effect on the skin. It is perfect for ex foliation and suits all skin types well. If you have sensitive skin, then choose this shower gel for your bath. It is free of sulphates and chemicals and therefore has a gentle moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin.

    7. Johnson’s Baby top-to-toe wash
    Top to Toe wash
    This has a unique formula that babies will never ever tear once they have taken to bath. This is the best and easier way to clean baby skin and hair, which is clinically proven. It is mild and tested by dermatologist. It is enriched with “No More Tears Formula” and is safer and gentle to infant eye. This type of baby wash helps in cleansing the dirt and excess oil from the new born skin and keeping it smooth and glowing.

    8. Himalaya Gentle baby bath
    Himalaya Baby Body Wash
    It is enriched with chickpea and green gram that helps in keeping your infant body more soft and smoother. This brand of baby bath helps in cleansing, nourishing and soothing your infant’s tender skin.

    9. Khadi Lavender & Ylang Ylang Herbal body wash
    Restore the healing properties of spa at home with this shower gel. This gel removes off all the stress and fatigue of the whole day once you soak in it. Made with a fusion of Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera, it gives you a revitalizing bathing experience. The goodness of this gel is that it relaxes the body’s stiff muscles, reduces body aches as well as inflammations thereby gently healing your skin.

    10. Palmolive Aroma Therapy absolute relax body wash
    Palmolive shower gel
    This gel removes the impurities and dirt collected on your skin. In shower, this gel bursts into striking scent that amuses your senses. The organic Body wash is safe and skin friendly and has no side effects. It also functions as an anti-stress body wash that gives you refreshed, hydrated and silky smooth skin.

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