Maternity dresses need to be loose and comfortable. However, that does not mean that you need to put on some baggy sack like garment! With a little sense of style, you can be fashionable in your maternity wear too. Here is a list of options that can be tried as a convenient investment which can be worn later as a regular garment too. .

  1. Bold basics
    Bold basics
    Bold basics

    Stick to the bold basics every time you are in doubt. Solid colours with bold stripes or just a one piece in a single shade, everything will work for you.
    Dresses in bold colours and absolutely opaque fabrics will help in hiding any extra flab which you would not like to be revealed.
    Pick dresses that have long and loose sleeves so that the overall appearance can be cosy and comfortable while making you look really pretty
  2. Free flowing frocks
    Free flowing frocks
    Free flowing frocks

    Nothing can be a better maternity dress than a free flowing frock which hides your baby bump effortlessly.
    Look for fabrics that are light on the skin and do not cause any rashes. You can pair up your pretty frock with a dainty necklace or scarf.
    Make sure that your footwear is comfortable too otherwise you may end up with a lower back pain
  3. Ombre maxi gowns
    Ombre maxi dress
    Ombre maxi dress

    If you want the attention to be away from you stomach for a while, then investing in a long Ombre maxi dress is the best idea.
    The flowy fabric would be great for comfort and the Ombre shades will add just the perfect dimension that is required for your outfit.
    Wear the dress with silver earrings or studs and you will be all set to step out for a walk or even for a family get together
  4. Sheaths
    Sheath dress
    Sheath dress
    • Sheath dresses have a charm of their own. You can wear them as a good maternity wear as they will serve the purpose of giving the right fit while being extremely trendy at the same time
    • Sheath dresses in stretchable fabrics can be used even after the maternity period is over so you could also think of it as a good addition to your wardrobe for a longer duration
    • You can either choose a classic full sleeve sheath or opt for some funky prints that can make you feel livelier
  5. Comfortable maternity office dresses
  6. Executive maternity clothes
    Executive maternity clothes
    • Executive maternity dresses are for office goers and have limited option to colour and trend
    • The patterns are more or less simplistic with pinstripes and other classy prints
    • Most of the executive maternity wear is made of very comfortable fabric that allows the skin to breathe and also adapts according to the changing shape of your body during pregnancy.
    • Some work place have a loose tunic with a shirt under it as an official uniform for pregnant women, these are extraordinarily comfortable
  7. Track Pants and T-shirts
    Athletic maternity clothes
    Athletic maternity clothes
    • These are usually available in sets of track pants and comfortable T-shirts, these are comfortable ever other wise and are the most worn set of clothes during pregnancy
    • You should choose them also according to the climatic conditions of your city
  8. Sun dresses
    Summer maternity dress
    Summer maternity dress
    • Sun dresses are an amazing choice for maternity wear
    • They keep you cool, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. Moreover, sun dresses come in so many shapes and size that you can easily choose one that would continue to be a part of your wardrobe at a later stage
  9. Wrap dresses
    Wrap dress
    Wrap dress
    • A great alternative to sun dresses are wrap dresses especially during your maternity period
    • With a wrap dress, you need not have to worry about putting it on as it can be easily slipped on and held in place with a button, buckle or fastener
    • Wrap dresses also adapt to your changing body shape so that you can continue wearing them whenever you like
  10. Mix and match
    Mix and match
    Mix and match
    • The best way to dress stylish even during your maternity is to mix and match several ideas and outfits
    • You could take an old solid gown and pair it with a nice shrug. Another idea could be to pair your skin fit bottoms with cute dresses that are loose and colourful
    • Look into your wardrobe for old scarves that can be reused with tunics or comfortable pyjamas for home. It can be fun to create your new maternity closet from your old collection of clothes
  11. Loose T-shirts
    Loose t-shirts
    Loose t-shirts
    • Nothing beats the comfort of loose T-shirts
    • Wear them with cotton pants or long and light-weight skirts to create your own statement look
    • You can also wear a big hat with long and loose T-shirts and up your style quotient

    No matter what you are bound to look good with the big belly anyway and the baby glow! So go flaunt your baby bump .

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