“Life, it’s made up of two things—time and love. A watch tells one, but what tells the other? We tell each other”, as rightly quoted by Jarod Kintz. A watch is not just a time keeper but is also an extension of who you are. It defines your personality and makes a strong impression on the people around you. If you’re on a lookout for a watch that will bring out the best in you while at work, here are some cool ones for you to choose from. Sit back, work and let your watches do the talking!

1. The Minimalist:The minimalist
If you’ve meetings where starched shirts and flawless make-up matter then you can choose a classy and an expensive watch with metal strap and a normal white or black dial. With a conservative or a sharp suit nothing can go wrong while this model oozes the serious side of your persona.
Price: 628,110 rupees

2. Black Is Back:Black is back
We all know that black is a colour we can trust blindly. Black signifies power and is never out of fashion. So, let you colleagues get to see a glimpse of your powerful side with your watch this season.
Price: 34295 rupees

3. Splash Some Colour:Splash some colour
If you want to sport a relaxed look at your work, you can opt for subtle colours that complement your style and enhance your appearance. Browns, light greens, pinks, blues or any soft colour under the sun. With a coloured dial and a differently coloured leather belt portray what’s on your mind with your timepiece.
Price: 8601 rupees

4. Sleek Is In:Sleek is in
It’s not just the body but everything that is sleek seems to be trending off-late and watches are not an exception to this case. Choose from a range of slim watch designs that are more or less ruling the fashion world. You can either go for a classy plain model or a sporty one to suit your taste and style.
Price: 6383 rupees

5. Bring On The Bling:Bring on the bling
You wouldn’t definitely mind some gold and diamonds in your watch. Let the precious metal speak for itself and show the world the richness that you carry in your everyday living. Why settle for less when you can choose the best? Your watch surely knows your luxurious living and there stands no chance for compromise there. Price: 1,780,743

6. Wear It Like A Bracelet:Wear it like a bracelet
Unleash your feminine goddess with slender watches that look like bracelets. As beautiful as they are they look equally hot on your wrists. If you are one of the kind who appreciates the fine things in life then this watch is the one crafted especially for you.
Price: 3595 rupees

7. Wrap It Up:Wrap it up
Beat the stress of the week on every Friday with watches that make you look funky and relaxed. Bring out the fashionista in you and show your colleagues how much you believe in fashion and trends.
Price: 8158 rupees

8. Bold And Biker:Bold and biker
If you like to carry your free biker spirit to work then let your watch represent you. Look not just tough but equally dashing with a wide range of biker watches. Price: 5104 rupees

9.Choose The Chronograph Way:Choose the chronograph way
What can beat the appealing looks of a chronograph that adds finesse to your work wear? It combines a classy as well as a sporty touch that boosts your oomph factor. Every chronograph comes with a range of features that a watch lover will love. Go and explore yours today!
Price: 10531 rupees

10.Say Yes To Digital!Say yes to digital
Not sure if this is what you want to wear to work? There are a flood of options for you to select. Wear your personal style on your wrist every time you step into your office. Team it up with a cool pair of jeans and an uber cool tee to go with. Come on! It’s after all a digital world we are living in.
Price: Rs 10,856

Get, set and go! Understand what you want your watch to tell about you before choosing a timepiece. Take some time out to check out the existing options and select the best because nothing comes before you. Happy watching!

Published by Poornima Laxmeshwar

Poornima Laxmeshwar is a poet at heart and a content writer by profession. Struck by words she finds her muse and refuge in reading or writing. When she isn’t doing either of the two she is busy listening to music. Apart from this she is a mother and resides with her family in the garden city (Bengaluru).

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