Lacy-nail-artNail art is HUGE right now! And we mean, amazingly huge! Whether it’s just plain quirky patterns on your nails like polka dots, checks, umbrellas, or rainbows, all of them look so fun and appealing don’t they? One of the biggest trends right now in nail art designs is lace nail art. There are two ways of doing it: either use your hand painting skills to make an impression of a lace or make use actually lace. Either way, you get gorgeous and ultra-glam nails! We give you some beautiful lace nail art designs that are sure to gauge anyone’s attention:
1.Pink Blast:Pink blast
How delicate is this pink on white design! A plethora of intricacy on a plain white coat just looks beautiful. The pink being bright and bold definitely helps. Also, the combination of leaves, petals and curvy designs makes it all the more pretty!
2.Creative CrazyCreative Crazy
This one is comparatively easy to make but equally pretty. The beauty of the design lies in the lace pattern being slightly abstract, notice the flowers and semi-circle borders. The dots on the border are also a great creative factor. Notice how the lace design is on the nail tips for the little fingers, interesting isn’t it?
3.French Twist!FRENCH IT UP
A simple French manicure done with purple nail tips instead, and plain white flowery abstract design on it, classy as hell! Notice how none of the shapes are completely flat and structured, but quite topsy turvy instead. Also, the fact that the lace pattern is done on plain nails makes it unique.
4.Black Beauty:BLACK BEAUTY
It’s time for some black magic now ladies. Polka dots and curvy lines are a favorite among women anyway, so how about combining these and adding the classiest color of all. Voila! You have some brilliant nail art right there. Highlighting one nail by painting it full black and then making a pattern is also quite a good idea.
5.Whats on What?WHATS ON WHAT
Black on white, or white on black? Well, that’s the whole point of this design, to keep you guessing! Though it’s relatively easy to make which color is on which, this idea of something that hasn’t been done much before. Also, it’s quite clear that abstract patterns are very in right now!
6. Curvaceous Lace:CURVACEOUS LACE
Just a slight variation of the second design in this article, this is simpler and looks prettier as well. The fact that the design is focused on one corner of the nail is really nice. Also, the design is just mostly checks and umbrella curves, you don’t even need actually lace for this one.
7. Straighten Up!STRAIGHTEN UP
If you want to opt for a cleaner lace design, then we suggest you go for this one. You will have to use actually lace for this one. And though it will cost more than actually painting the design with your hands, it is totally worth it.
8. Fishnets And Florals:FISHNETS AND FLORALS
This is one crazy intricate design isn’t it? And you are sure to have to use actual lace for this one as well. The fishnet and floral pattern looks mysterious and stunning at the same time. Do this one for a fancy party to go with your LBD!
9.True Blue!TRUE BLUE
How about some true blue for a change! This white floral pattern on blue adds a different glow to the nails altogether. Even the tiniest of dots and lines can make a huge difference in making your nail art look better. Once again, the base colors could be experimented with, and so could the lace color.
10. Lavender Lust:LAVENDER LUST
Last but not the least, here’s some lavender love! The surprise element is the one nail which has a different design on it altogether, and we must say, it’s quite bang on! The take on the umbrella lines is also quite interesting with the little outlined circles on them instead of having plain dots!

So those were some quite amazing lace nail art designs, the best we could find for you. Which is your favorite? Do let us know in the section below!

Published by Shalmali Shahane

Shalmali Shahane is a fashion communication student at Symbiosis Institute of Design. She has recently started freelancing to pursue her love for writing. Someone who decided what she wanted to do for the rest of her life at the mere age of 10, she is an art, food and travel lover. A huge drama queen, her greatest passion remains books amongst many others. A strong believer of the phrase “Hope Has Power”, she likes to give her own creative bubbly touch to everything she does.

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