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Top 10 Ways To Style A Kaftan

Top 10 Ways To Style A Kaftan

A kaftan is a variant of a robe or tunic and has many versions that have been worn by several cultures for thousands of years now. Also worn as a coat or overdress, it reaches the ankles along with long sleeves. Mostly made of wool, cashmere, silk or cotton, it is of ancient Mesopotamian origin.
Different styles have evolved due to the different ways in which people wear the kaftan. We give you a sneak peak into the crazy world of kaftans (if you are already not in it!). Due to it being such a versatile garment, why not play around a little and style it in various chic ways? Here are some easy ways to style your kaftan, follow these, and you are good to go.

Wear it for a fancy event

So what if the kaftan looks relatively casual? A bold color and some fine-tuned accessories can surely make all the difference. A red kaftan with gold accessories like a bib necklace, strappy sandals and a sophisticated clutch are sure to jazz up your look. And the plus point? You are sure to look unique in a room full of people wearing all those typical dresses.

Kaftan For Plus Size Women

The best thing about a kaftan is that it’s loose and comfy as hell. All the ladies who are a little bit on the heavier side and others who want to simply hide their curves, here’s your answer! Keep the accessories minimal but should have a glam element in them. Opt for light pastel colors, tassels, sequins and embroidery in your kaftans. Remember, keeping it too boring won’t help, so be sure to accessorize.

How To Pair Kaftan With Jeans

It’s completely okay to not want to show off your legs, or just wanting to wear jeans with a kaftan! Don’t let anyone dictate otherwise to you. Pair your kaftan with a nice skinny pair of jeans when it’s not too hot outside. Accessorize it with some chunky jewelry to give an ethnic look.

Flaunt Your Waist With Kaftan

clinch in that waist
A loose, flowy kaftan is always good to wear, but how about styling it with a belt at the waist. It’s a great way to lower the length of the kaftan and also to show off your figure. An elasticized belt would do wonders for anyone, and so would a nice leather one. Choice is all yours!

If you are going to wear the kaftan just as it is, without any leggings or shorts, then how about some nice booties? Black leather ankle length booties with peep toes look amazing, we promise. You are sure to find them in street and retail stores alike, only difference being the quality. If you only plan on wearing them with the kaftan, we suggest you buy the ones from the street.

Accessories To Pair With Kaftan

Mad HatterMadhatter
An accessory that women rarely wear in India, but suits almost everyone. A hat! Team up a straw hat with a full length kaftan and you have an amazing outfit in just a minute. Don’t forget to leave your hair open and add some bracelets as a last minute thing.

Bag It UpBag-it-up
Due to a kaftan being loose, small bags, purses and clutches look really stylish when teamed with it. A purse can be used for daytime outfits while a box clutch would be great for a night event. The idea behind having this accessory is to limit the size of the bag for a type of clothing that is also large in size.

Shoes Take It AllPrinted-Kaftan-with-nude-heels
Most women buy kaftans that are printed, so it’s best to go for nude heels with such an outfit. Wedge or stiletto heels, your choice! Another option is to for silver or gold strappy heels. Choose the color carefully depending on the color of the bling in your outfit.

Ditch The Unwanted JewelryDitch-the-unwanted-jewelery
Printed kaftans look good with necklaces, yes, but not always. Most times, there is absolutely no need for a necklace. We suggest you opt for heavy statement earrings, hair harnesses, maang tikkas to give you an edgy look. If necklace is a must have for you, then let it be a subtle chain with a simple pendant.

Elegant Kaftan: Destination Functions

Be it a wedding, or just a random trip to a beachy place, kaftans are your best bet, definitely. Full length printed kaftan, with dramatic earrings, an oversized ring and some nice strappy sandals makes for a perfect look.

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