western-jewelery-with-plain-sareePlain sarees, far from being boring, allows a lot of room to play around with different accessories. Unlike printed, embroidered or embellished sarees with which extensive jewellery pieces tend to look too busy, these simple sarees can prove to be a beautiful compliment for exquisite accessories. The bolder and edgier, the better! This time, let’s move away from the traditional jewelries, gorgeous as they are and try something different, do it a little hatke.

Western Jewelries With Plain Sarees
With plain sarees, it is all the more simple to play around with bright colors, bold designs and funky looks. There are many innovative and creative western/modern jewelries to choose from. Try out these 10 western jewelries for a unique style statement.

1. Fringe/Tassel Earrings

Sources: etsy.com

Long earrings like fringes or tassels make a stunning complement to subtle outfits. A fun and casual take are the colorful beaded tribal inspired earrings. For an ultra glam look, the extra long gold and chain earrings spell perfection. An important tip is to skip the neckpiece and let these beautiful earrings remain the focus of the look.

2. Swarovski Jewellery

Source: olivierlaudus.com

Dainty and luxurious, Swarovski jewelries lend a sophisticated appeal to even the simplest outfits. Be it an earthy tone or a vibrant colored saree, these beautiful crystals will look good against either. It’s the ultimate choice of jewellery for parties, formal functions or a romantic date.

3. Headband Jewellery

Sources: glamcheck.com, etsy.com

Headbands are young and fun, what’s more they’ll keep your hair in place! These accessories have evolved from the funky child-like element to suit a more urbane and matured audience, so much that headbands are now much-preferred bridal jewellery. Make these a part of your saree look and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it brings.

4. Cuff Bracelets

Source: etsy.com

It’s a better known fact that cuff jewelries lend a fuller look to the wrist, just a piece is enough to complete the accessorizing. For those who are not too fond of jewelries, cuff bracelets provide an easy solution. To glam up your plain sarees, pick a cuff with elaborate and striking designs.

5. Shoulder Jewellery

Sources: etsy.com, pearldistributors.com

Shoulder jewelries can be used creatively to add a striking appeal to simple outfits. Use it to either accessorize the drape of the saree or to adorn the other bare arm. A simple blouse, preferable off-shoulder, will make a better complement for these elaborate jewelries.

6. Bohemian Jewellery

Sources: anthropologie.com, shopdailychic.com

If earthy and organic be one’s take on fashion, bohemian jewelries are the answer. Available in a myriad of designs, one will stumble across exquisite and rare pieces while shopping for such jewelries. Sometimes colorful, sometimes subtle, layering is the key while going for a boho inspired saree look.

7. Victorian Lace Jewellery

Source: lady-gray-dreams.tumblr.com, etsy.com, craftgawker.com

Lace jewelries bring about a vintage, Victorian feel to one’s look. When paired with plain sarees, the daintiness of these jewelries combined with the somber and restrained look of the saree helps create an air of regal femininity.

8. Feather Earrings

Sources: aelida.com, blog.dorothyperkins.com

Wear vibrant feather earrings, the longer the better, with your plain old sarees and you’ll be surprised at its chic and fashionable take on the otherwise typical saree look. Skip other jewelries and pick a pair of bright feather earrings in colors that contrast beautifully against the saree.

9. Fascinators

Sources: etsy.com, glamcheck.com, totallyloveit.com

It might seem surprising to many but these decorative headpieces make a lovely complement to simple sarees. If striking and sophisticated be the look you’re aiming for, these gorgeous fascinators are a must-try. Florals especially look good with the ethnic sarees.

10. Statement Jewellery

Sources: luxio.com, modcloth.net, houseofharpsblogspot.com, etsy.com, stylebristo.com

When the outfit is restrained, it is time to play up the jewelries. Wear your simple plain sarees with edgy statement jewelries for the hands, arms, neck or head. Just remember to choose only one statement piece at a time, too much of it can prove overwhelming.

Clever uses of jewelries or accessories often make a big impact on personal style. One’s choice of, what might seem like a simple necklace or earrings can drastically change the look and feel of an outfit. Try experimenting the simple sarees with different and unique pieces of jewelries as such, do things a little differently, create your own style statement.

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