Winter travels always bring vivid visual descriptions like associations with soft pastel sceneries, pink cheeks, soft cold breeze and tantalizingly stylish overcoats alive.

When it comes to traveling during low temperatures packing can somehow be bittersweet. We all have traveled during winters and plan on doing it again. So, why not this time we travel better prepped than our last.

Sweaters And Jackets
You can never have too many sweaters; overcoats and jackets so carry all three because you won’t regret lugging them. The ulterior motive here is to dress in layers. A sweater over your favorite tee and dark colored jeans and a jacket or overcoat over your favorite sweater is all you’ll ever need to keep you snug like a bug in a rug.

Boots For Winter
A good pair of comfortable boots is better than a dozen of high heels.
Suede boots work better than leather ones unless you’re going hiking and trekking because you can comfortably choose to not wear socks underneath and also minimize shoe bites.

Sun screen
Contrary to the popular belief of carrying a make up kit full of moisturizers and winter creams all you really need is a sunscreen along with facial serum rich in Hyaluronic acid. Winter winds are dry, harsh and nippy. They dehydrate your skin and strip them off their natural oils and glow. A serum rich in Hyaluronic acid will be like a giant splash of water for your dry skin and will even out your skin tone making you look like an effortless glamorous traveler.Sunscreen and a lip balm is essential because winter sun rays are a welcome sight and travelers love basking in their glory without realizing their prolonged exposure to UV rays is equal, if not more comparable to summers.

Hair Serum
Hair serum depending on your hair type is extremely essential these days as we love to style our hair using various heat driven hand held devices. It is a well-known fact that dry scalp is a winter vice demanding attention and as much as oiling helps it’s painstakingly inconvenient while travelling. Conditioning after shampooing is not enough if you plan to blow dry or straighten your hair when you get ready to step out and travel through the winter wonderland.

Scarves, Socks, Jeans, Stockings and Jeggings
Scarves, socks and stockings to go with your Jeans, tops and jeggings. A dark colored pair of jeans with comfy tee accompanied by a splashy scarf and overcoat or sweater to pull the winter look together. A wooly cap for that added warmth can also be carried when you’re visiting places with subzero temperatures. I always insist on dark pair of jeans because of they’re a low maintenance and a high productivity product.

Basic over the counter medication such as antiseptic ointments, pain relief and nasal sprays and a store bought pre packed first aid kit is crucial to travel during winters with confidence. Cuts, scratches, bruises and burns hurt more when it is cold.

Healthy Snacks
Keep snacks handy – During winters your body feels hungrier than usual, as it needs more energy to keep itself warm. That leaves you wanting to munch more often. It’s a good idea to feed yourself a little more with energy giving foods eg: muesli bars and fruits. The aim here is to reduce frequent hunger pangs and concentrate on the task at hand which is traveling.

Anti static Spray
Anti Static spray – This is an unknown but extremely useful winter travel staple.
You can spray it on your hairbrush, pants, coats, jeans etc. and all the possible
static frizz will be gone in a matter of seconds. It also reduces winter cloth lint.

Gloves, Waterproof jacket and Sunglasses
Glove(s), Hat(s), sunglasses(s) and a waterproof jacket – All three make you look super wintery but make you feel super summery. We’ve been talking about dressing in layers being key to any winter travel and these three are the top most layer of any winter day travel ensemble.

Apart from the list above the most important carry along during any travel regardless of the weather is a positive attitude dolloped with oodles of charming company and this includes your own company as well.

With all these above written words packed in a hard case luggage suitcase you are now equipped to travel your heart out.

Published by Anvika kapoor

Anvika Kapoor is a Communication Designer with Masters in Design Management from N.I.D., Ahmedabad besides being a freelance writer. Always a creatively inclined person she is a voracious reader , Lover of Shakespearean comedies and a travel enthusiast who lividly craves for life altering paradigm shifts .She is a loving wife and shares with her husband a common passion for books , travel and philosophy. She disdains and disregards exhausting conformities and narrow minded philosophies.

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