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All Fashionistas will swear by the fact that cuff love is true love. Wrist jewelry is almost as important as other types of jewelry. So here we are, giving you a list of top 10-wrist jewelry for women.

1. Charmed:

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Charm bracelets are very fashionable and truly reliable. A series of charms representing your true style can be worn on your wrist all day long. Some people like to collect charms from different parts of the world and add them to their bracelet. Well, that does sound quite exciting doesn’t it?

2. Cuff Love:

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Cuff bracelets are bracelets without a hook. They are worn more like a bangle and are easy to remove. Metallic cuffs have been sported by a lot of celebrities in the past. They are usually broad and elaborate, thus making them look very stylish. They can also are perforations and interesting cutwork.

3. Leather bracelets:

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Leather bracelets are really unique and the leather finish gives them an edge over the usual ones. If you have wanted to try out a grunge look or a heavy-duty look then a leather bracelet will accomplish your mission. Leather bracelets have a very sturdy feel to them.

4. Beaded Bracelets:

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The most commonly found types of bracelets are beaded one. You can own them in as many colors as possible. They never seem to go out of style. According to your look, you can either match them or stack them up in a bundle. If you are someone who likes to wear many bracelets together, then you can make an interesting mix of beads, stones and wear them. Minimal or maximal, your choice.


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All Indian women love Bangles. They have a very feminine and desi appeal to them. Combined with very formal or party attire, they can look really quirky. Bangles will have to be our all time favorite wrist jewelry. You know you love them when you have them in a lot of colors and not to forget the oxidized ones.

6. Hand chains:

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Next in the line is a hand chain. Yes, whoever invented this fabulous piece of jewelry deserves a big hug. Hand chains look really sexy. You put one of them and you are done for the day. They can be worn with any kind of outfit. Delicate ones or really bold ones, we just love them all.

7. Pearl Bracelets:

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This treasure from your grandma’s jewelry box needs to find its way into yours. Vintage and classy is all we can say for these beautiful rounded pieces. Pearl bracelets are evergreen. You can actually wear them with any kind of attire. Best suited for daily use or as office jewelry.

8. Statement Stone:

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All the boho lovers will know the significance of beautiful stones. Stones bring out the bohemian style. They are for the easy breezy woman. A nicely set stone bracelet can grace your parties and a stone string can be your days wear. Some people can go a little beyond and opt for semi precious stone bracelets.

9. Studded bracelets:

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Studded bracelets are one of those pieces that you keep for exclusive occasions. Party, dream date, fancy dining and so on. They are elegant and very sophisticated. What you must really avoid is pairing them with a very blingy dress.

10. Tattoo Bracelet:

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Last on the list is our all time favorite tattoo bracelet. Any fashion follower knows what a big craze these metallic tattoos are. Almost every woman must have thought of or tried these too. Well they come in amazing bracelet styles too. Imagine a metallic tattoo in the most amazing geometrical designs on your wrist. Liked what you imagined? Yes we liked it too.

11. Watches:

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Broad, slim, rounded dial, square dial whatever be your style, a watch is the most cool wrist accessory. It can be worn with any attire and goes with every style. Something so crucial, had to be on the list.

We almost forgot the fabric bracelets. Fabric bracelets have a very youthful appeal to them. If you don’t own one, you can easily make one at home too. Like all of us, you too must be a bracelet lover. So adorn your wrist with some of the awesome options mentioned above.

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