Received a Gucci watch as a gift or found one on heavy discount sale but not really sure if it is the real deal or a fake? The knockoff industry has become such a huge multi-million dollar market, all despite the persistent lawsuits and crackdowns. And sadly our beloved high end fashion label Gucci is also ripped with imitations and replicas. So let’s check out these important pointers that will help us spot an authentic Gucci watch.

    Gucci watch
    Gucci watch

  1. Swiss Made
    Though the fashion is Italian, every Gucci watch is entirely developed in the Gucci Timepieces atelier in Switzerland. This ‘Swiss-made’ tagline is always on the bottom centre of the face below the 6 o’clock position
  2. Quality
    Authentic Gucci items are crafted with utmost finesse and are impeccable in its quality and design. Discoloration, mismatched detailing or uneven threads are just not Gucci
  3. Gucci Controllato Card
    All Gucci merchandise is sold with a white card that has identification numbers listed on it in gold or silver. The real Gucci Controllato card is embossed with indented lettering
  4. Serial number
    Every Gucci timepiece features a serial number. Replicas may feature an unregistered serial number without accurate information on its manufacture. To authenticate the serial number, check with a Gucci authorized dealer
  5. Real Gucci Watch
    Real Gucci Watch
  6. Feel the weight
    Authentic Gucci pieces are made from heavy solid material like stainless steel or gold. Imitations have light plating and thus, will be lighter in weight
  7. The links
    The links of real Gucci timepieces are full metal. Replicas may feature a hollow link. Not that there is no part-bangle, part-link bracelet in any original Gucci watch
  8. Features of real Gucci watch
    Features of real Gucci watch
  9. Check the face of Gucci Watch
    Gucci watches are precise, evenly spaced and their numbers are uniform. Imitations often feature odd spacing and uneven sized numbers.
  10. The minute and second hands of the watch
    Gucci watches use Swiss quartz movement that is smooth. Hand movement on replicas might tick or stick
  11. Turn the watch over
    Some Gucci watches have the crest while some do not, but they all come with additional markings. Most of the authentic pieces have the model number displayed on the back. If the back of the watch features a crest or crest with the Gucci name only, be warned.
  12. Crest size in Gucci watch
    Crest size in Gucci watch
  13. Crest size.
    The Gucci crest on an imitation is generally larger than the original. Check the Gucci website to get familiar with these markings
  14. Logo pattern. All the letterings on an original Gucci are in capital letters, precisely sized and evenly spaced out. The double “G” pattern of the logo should be clear letters and should not lie out flat. Imitation manufacturers often link together ‘C’s or ‘E’s to trick your eye.
  15. Logo pattern of Gucci watch
    Logo pattern of Gucci watch
  16. Where to buy a Gucci watch?
    The Gucci products are directly sold only through Gucci boutiques, the Gucci website, specialty stores and authorized dealers.
  17. Packaging of Gucci Watch
    Gucci gives utmost important to its finishing and quality, even the packaging of their items. All Gucci products come in a silky smooth brown silk bag with its signature double ‘G’ logo. Even the slightest mesh or mere absence of this silk bag will give you an idea that it probably is a fake.
  18. Online purchase.
    Authentic Gucci products are never sold through common e-retail sites but an owner might want to re-sell his Gucci watch through e-bay, etc.
  19. Cross check these points before you decide to buy:
    • Images of the watch should be clear and of high resolution. Do not buy if the seller is using a stock photo or if the images are hazy
    • Check for proof of original purchase and where the purchase was made. Cross check the serial number with an authorized Gucci dealer
  20. Price of Gucci Watch
    Gucci watches are expensive, ranging from $650 to thousands of dollars. Real Gucci is rarely sold for anything less than 30 percent off the original retail price. Trust your instincts when you find a suspiciously low priced Gucci watch; yes that is too good to be true
  21. Cross Check
    Before purchasing a Gucci watch, always check the model on the original Gucci website and familiarize yourself with the design, markings and price. Better still print clear images from the website so that your purchase can be doubly cross checked
  22. Check the model of the Gucci watch
    Check the model of the Gucci watch

Hope the above information will help you validate whether you are the proud owner of a Gucci watch or not. If we own a Gucci, we want to be proud, don’t we?

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