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Top 15 Uses of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly for Skin

Top 15 Uses of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly for Skin

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline has now become a synonym with petroleum jelly. If you are a person with dry skin, then Vaseline is one investment that will not go waste. It was once used by oil workers to cure cuts and burns

1. Make Your Scent Stay:
Apply Vaseline on Collarbone
Apply a tiny amount on your collar bone and add a dash of your perfume to last longer. Application of Vaseline also gives the neck a glamorous shine effect.

2. Replace It For Mascara:
Apply Vaseline on eyelashes
Take Vaseline on your index finger and apply it on your eyelashes in upward direction to make it look longer and thicker, it will also give a lighter look instead of the dark mascara. Especially if you want to top the “no make up look”.

3. No more split ends
No  split ends
Put it on the split ends to hide them away and give an even and shiny look.

4. Neat Nails:
Neat Nails
Apply it on your cuticles smudging a little on the outside and then apply nail polish, the “Vaseline effect” will keep off the nail polish from the fingers while painting.

5. Luscious Lips:
Apply Vaseline on lips
A quick and easy fix if you are out of gloss is to apply Vaseline on your lips after the lipstick coat. Works two in one as it moisturizes as well

6. Cracked Heal Fixer:
Cracked heal fixer
Apply Vaseline overnight and pull on socks over your feet to protect or cure from from cracked heal or dry feet.

7. Brow Raiser:
Brow raiser
Shape up or fix your eyebrows in place by pressing on Vaseline on them and lifting them

8. Pink Lips:
Pink Lips
To exfoliate your lips, use a soft bristle toothbrush and put on a tiny bit of vasline over it and gently scrub your lips,be sure not to put pressure. Wash it off and voila! pink supple lips are here. This also helps to remove dead skin from your lips.

9. Highlighter:
Apply Vaseline on Cheekbones
Dab a little Vaseline on cheek bones or collar bone or legs for a luminous effect.

10. Soft Skin:
Soft Skin
Take some amount of Vaseline on to your palm and add some of your lotion as a super moisturizer to soften and nourish extra dry skin

Reduce Static:
Apply Vaseline on Stockings
Apply some on top of your stockings to avoid sticking of your dress to your legs and to friction when you walk.

11. Boot polish:
Vaseline on shoes
Rub Vaseline on to your leather goods like boots, shoes, bags and it has an instant shine effect.

12. Creamy eyes:
Creamy eyes
Mix a dab of your dry powder blusher or eye shadow with Vaseline and apply for creamy, luminous look.

13. Make up remover:
Makeup remover
Crumbs of mascara, eyeliner or layers of foundation can be removed by massaging a tiny bit of Vaseline and wiping off with cotton ball or pad

14. Pull And Push
Apply Vaseline on finger ring
Vaseline, because of its sticky feel is a good lubricant when you have to smoothly push in the ear studs or pull out a tight finger ring

15. Scrub Base:
Scrub Base
Use this as a base for your scrubs, mix with sugar crystals on your face or salt for your foot

16. Pedicure:
Pedicure feet
Generously apply Vaseline onto toe nails, and soak it in warm water. Cleaning dead skin and cuticles around the nail is so much easier!

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