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Top 5 Clothing Pieces that all Women should Own

Top 5 Clothing Pieces that all Women should Own

A woman’s closet definitely has more than five pieces of clothing. But what are the must-haves among them? Here’s a sneak peek.

1. Printed scarf – A scarf gives you that added touch of elegance and femininity. Whether you’re wearing a simple tee over jeans, or a dress, they help to accentuate your look. Some of these prints could be either animal prints or floral ones.

2. Red flats – For that extra oomph, red flats work well with most dresses and are comfortable too! So strut your way into your man’s heart!

3. Striped shirt – Considered to be a timeless classic by some of the topmost designers, a striped shirt is guaranteed to look good on almost anything you pair it with. Be it formal or informal, you’re all set to razzle-dazzle.

4. Accessories – A neck piece that is understated, yet subtly showy or an oversized watch are perfect accessories that can pair well with your outfits.

5. Black dress – The most coveted of all is the black dress. Your fantasies of being a princess are bound to be fulfilled with this one. Whether short or long, it personifies class and elegance when adorned with fine jewellery. This dress is excellent for dinner dates and parties.

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