soft strap wedgessBelieve it or not, your formal dress sense is not supposed to be limited to clothes and grooming. If there is something that is way more important in your work wear wardrobe, it is the right pair of shoes. However, many women often find it uncomfortable to spend long hours in stilettos, formal pumps or dress boots. All skins are not the same and a lot of formal shoes can cause painful blisters and irritation on the toes and soles. But don’t worry. We are here to help you sort it all out. If you haven’t yet explored the possibilities of women’s formal footwear, it is time to open your eyes. Get ready for some exciting shoe shopping.

Wedges For Formal Wear

closed wedgess
Who says raised soles can’t be comfortable? If your ankles begin to ache in the usual high heels, you can always go for a pair of wedges. They are the perfect alternative to elevate your style and at the same time, not cause your feet to feel miserable by the end of the day.

You can pick wedges in any design that suit you. Make sure that the sole is strong and sufficiently wide otherwise even wedges may cause you balancing issues. Blacks are a classic but you can always go for unconventional shades of blue, olive and burgundy to match with your outfit. Though wedges will look perfect with any formal attire, do try them with pencil skirts.

Clogs: Comfortable Formal Wear

formal clogs
Not so long back, clogs were mostly recognized as ugly pairs of sandals worn by kids or men as regular footwear. With the changing fashion trends, clogs have been reinvented as the most to-the-point dress shoes.
Though, when it comes to aesthetics, clogs may not be “not-so-boring” but they are quite high on the comfort factor. Depending upon your taste, you can choose from glossy or matte surfaces that are created with different kinds of fabric, faux leather and other high-quality materials.
These days, clogs are also being made in open toe and sling back styles but it is better to avoid them at work. Closed clogs are more acceptable as formal footwear. They are easy to maintain and go well with formal pants, pencil trousers and evening palazzos.

Sling Backs

sling back flats
Sling back sandals are the best bet when you are adamant about flats. There is no harm in ditching all kinds of high heels. After all, the more comfortable you are at work, the better would you be able to perform. However, choosing the right flats can be tricky and that’s when sling backs come to your aide.
You can go for sling back kitten heels too if you like but a range of classy colours and shapes in flat versions will make you change your mind. Experiment with whites and denim textures to stand out in your business suit, high-waist lowers, skirts or even Indian corporate ensemble. Do try the strappy, wedged and velvet versions to break the monotony sometimes.

Platform Shoes Good Option For Office Wear

platform shoes
These are an all time favourite. Platform shoes with laces or in their monk strapped avatar look absolutely perfect in every season. Since they are usually worn with socks, chances of you getting a shoe bite are remote.
On the other hand, platform shoes with skirts are a big no. You would end up looking more like a school kid than a professional. Also, it would be interesting to pick platforms which allow you to flaunt more than one solid tone at a time.

Block Heels

block heels
Another pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear at work. Block heels allow the chic aesthetic of pumps while providing the support of platforms, comfort of clogs and ease of style. Since they are so versatile, it is only natural that they would look gorgeous with whatever you choose to sport for office.

The way you dress up at work says a lot about who you are. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule about dressing formal, semi-formal or even business casual, but then there does exist some etiquette. And the better you are able to hold on to it or maintain it, the higher are the chances of you coming across as a true professional. In other words, well-dressed women are more likely to be taken seriously mainly because of the precise attention that they pay to what’s on their feet!

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