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Top 5 Ethnic Wear For Women

Top 5 Ethnic Wear For Women

65% women have their closet filled with ethnic wear. Ethnic wear is becoming very popular for ladies these days for every part of their life, as Indians we find it as a comfort wear for any occasion. One of the purposes for this development and change of thought in the Indian ethnic wear industry is because of increasing number of working ladies. The ethnic wear indicates unique, elegant and feminine in the noblest way.

It comes in many sophisticated fabric which helps women to have a formal look. Particularly the working ladies constitute the greatest part that buys the ethnic wear. Besides that, the ethnic attires are accessible in distinctive costs ranges from few hundreds to few thousands to suit everybody’s pocket and decide on less expensive brands.
These days online shopping for all the busy ladies.
Ofcourse like every fashion there are some do nots, for ethnic wear too. Avoid wearing too much of synthetic fabric to office till you are confident and arrive at your own style. Stick to cottons, jute or skik materials.

Following are different types of ethnic wear that women prefer to wear during office hours:

  1. Saree:
  2. Saree

    Saree has always been a classic style for women at work. A well pressed cotton saree neat and tidily tucked with light colour combinations has been an evergreen choice for the office going ladies. The ladies sitting at high post or the school teachers love wearing saree for their office. Saree is such a dress with always make you look elegant and professional but depending on the style and fabric of saree. Gold jewellery (not chuncky), just delecate would be the best combination with the saree.

  3. Kurtas:
  4. Kurtas

    Corporate kurtas are made considering the physique of an average Indian woman. These are very comfortable to wear and have simple embroidery and classic designs. The fabric used for kurtas are such which maintain the body temperature during any season. The fabric is very skin friendly and avoids any type of skin infection.The kurtas can be collar kurta or U-neck shaped. These kurtas with a combination of ankle length leggings or long leggings also known as churidar looks fab on any office going women. The kurta looks good with chappals or block heel sandals. But this shows a semi-formal look for office wear.Only wear indo-western studs with kurtas.
    Go for solid colours with less of print to give it a formal look. Pair of closed or peep toes foot wear will add to the professional look.

  5. Salwar Kameez:
  6. Salwar Kameez
    Salwar Kameez

    Once there was a time when suit for ladies was only worn in Punjab, but now the concept of women has jumped all bars of ethnicity and religion thus changing their choice of their style. Salwar kameez is now even considered as most comfortable option for office wear for women. The salwar that is worn is usually made from cotton fabric. These go well with a pair of chappals or kolhapuris. Studs are the safest bet. Put up you duptta in such a way that it does not bother you in between you work. If you are comfortable enough just say good bye to the dupatta. Wearing a stylish stole is another option instead of duppata.

  7. Patiala Salwar:
  8. Patiala Salwar
    Patiala Salwar
    The origin of Patiala Salwar is from Patiala where it was worn particularly by the King of Patiala. But now it is transformed more for women. Patiala salwar is now not only a traditional wear but also as a part of office wear for women. This dress is recommended only if your office has a semi-formal atmosphere. It is so much adored by women particularly during summer because it is very comfortable and durable as it is loose and it has many pleats. Limit this only to cottons to keep that formal / professional look going. A high pony or loose hair will complete the look with small earrings.

  9. Ethnic Skirt and dupatta:
  10. Ethinic Skirt Dupatta
    Ethinic Skirt Dupatta
    The ethnic long skirt can also be a part of ethnic wear for office going women. Ethnic skirt is such type of attire which is loved mostly by girls. They consider it as a comfortable as well as formal dress for office.It looks good with a kurta or short top. This combination also accessorizes well with a U-shaped neck kurta and a dupatta or stole around the neck. Even a strapped tank top will also look good with the ethnic long skirt. But remember the ethnic long skirt looks best with a flat chappal. Silver jhumki earrings with ethnic skirt add on a beautiful look but keeping it simple and elegant and make you look feminine.This look is again recommended for a informal work environment or a weekend dressing.

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