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Top 5 Ethnic Wear Pieces for Men

Top 5 Ethnic Wear Pieces for Men

When it comes to menswear, ethnic clothing has its own unprecedented charm. Be it a cotton kurta, or a royal sherwani, these pieces of clothing should find their way into men’s wardrobes.

Here’s my pick for the top 5 ethnic wear pieces every Indian man ought to own:

1. Kurta – Thanks to e-commerce stores, there are plenty of websites to choose from to buy yourself a nice kurta. These can be either short, knee-length, or long. From striped to chicken work and from cotton to raw silk, the options are many. Worn either over jeans or a churidar, these are perfect for any formal or informal gathering.

2. Sherwani – If you wish to look staggeringly handsome and need something to adorn yourself with on more formal occasions like weddings or receptions, a sherwani is your best bet. Although priced slightly at the higher end of most budgets, it’s definitely worth possessing this masterpiece.

3. Jodhpuri shoes – No look is complete without the right kind of footwear. It would be disastrous to wear plain, outdoorsy chappals with traditional clothing. Hence, the jodhpuri shoes come to your rescue. Available in a range of colours, choose a pair that will blend in with most of your kurtas. A beige one should do the trick!

4. Dhoti – Readymade dhotis are now available in the market! It doesn’t get any easier than this. Some of them have intricate prints or are just plain-coloured. Get hold of a dhoti that either serves to highlight your attire, or works as a stark, yet brilliant contrast.

5. Dupattas or stoles – Crushed silk stoles look absolutely ravishing when paired with kurtas or sherwanis. They add to the overall ethnic quotient and you are sure to stand out in a crowd. For the right reasons, of course!

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