Wet-HairstylesMonsoon is the season of rain. This season is also very difficult for women as their hair becomes frizzy and rough. Hence proper care and nourishment is required for your hair during this season of the year.
Truth be told, monsoons play havoc with the mane. They mercilessly steal the shine, softness and luster, leaving hair in a lifeless condition…but don’t panic yet! Monsoon does not mean that you cannot make your hair look trendy or stylish. You can still salvage this situation with some fun and easy hairstyles that’ll keep those locks beautiful and lustrous even in this humid weather.
You can try any of these Top 5 hairstyles for Monsoon for Wet Hair out and you will definitely look great in them. Thanks to these simple hairstyles for wet hair, you won’t have to sacrifice a single drop of chicness for the sake of convenience.

1. Wet and Wavy Hair

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When your hair is wet it often looks very wavy. It is the most natural yet most stylish hairstyle for women to let the wet hair loose. Go for some cool loose waves which will give your hair that Stylish messy look without looking untidy and Frizzy.
To manage your loose hair you can either put a Hair pin or a Hair band. Various colored and designed hair bands and clips are available in the market these days which are not only trendy but also very comfortable.

2.The High Ponytail


This classic ponytail never goes out of Style. If you want to look elegant, you need to try the high Ponytail. You can style your wet hair into a high ponytail in less than a minute. It not only looks good but also allows your hair to dry. This hairstyle can be matched with most of your looks.

3.The Side Ponytail

Source: girlcosmo.com

If you are bored of wearing the classic ponytail and want to make your wet hair look fashionable and casual you can try this side Ponytail. Firstly you should try which side should you make a ponytail i.e. left or right side. For some women left side works well whereas for others right side looks cool. Sport this hairstyle on the side which works best for you.
You can also accessorize this hairstyle with various fancy and trendy clips.

4. Messy Fish Tail Braid

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These are the best quick fixes for the monsoons; they ensure neat hair throughout the day while simultaneously making fashion statements. The fishtail braid looks complicated but is very easy to put together.These fishtail braids look uber sophisticated and stylish.

5. Buns For Wet Hair

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If you’re the kind who rarely ties up her hair, keep an open mind. Buns are hassle free and comfortable. They may look boring but it’s a versatile hairstyle that can be worn to work or an outing. Create a messy bun, an uptight bun, a twisty bun, sneak in some braids or add a pretty embellishment. In every way, buns are easy and stylish, and apt for the monsoon wet hair.

Monsoon is all about having fun and enjoying the rains. So you should not be spending too much time worrying about your hair. Try out these lovely hairstyles and let your hair enjoy the monsoon months as much as you plan to!!!

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