Top 5 Make-up Brands In India

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top-5-makeup-brands-in-IndiaIf there is something that stays on your skin longer than moisture, it is makeup! No matter how minimal or overboard you go, a compromise with the quality of your makeup is something you just can’t afford. Now, that doesn’t mean you start thinking only of premium brands. Here is our top 5 list of the best ones that you can rely on.

Makeup Brands In India

It might come as a surprise to many but some of your most favourite makeup brands in India are actually Indian! Whether the legendary nail paints of Lakme and Elle18 or the comparatively young brand ColorBar, all those products that adorn your beauty wardrobe are actually made in India, by Indians and endorsed by Indian celebrities. We already know that the international level Lotus Herbals, Jovees and other cosmetic giants are actually from this country, it is time to take pride in the makeup brands too which top our list.

1. LakmeLakme
Owned by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Lakme was born in the year 1952! Yes! It is here since decades. There is nothing that you can’t find at Lakme. Right from affordable catalogues of basic makeup essentials to advanced kits that a corporate woman needs, the brand has it all. Moreover, who can overlook the contribution it has made to the Indian fashion scene? Lakme Fashion Week is the most prestigious bi-annual fashion event in the country. And then there are the salon chains of the brand that add that personal touch to beauty and grooming.
Another brand that makes India proud at a global level, ColorBar is a part of Modi Enterprises run by the young entrepreneur Samir Modi. The brand has the sole motive of providing the clients with innovative products in a wide range of colours.
Long lasting foundations and an array of beauty essentials allow the brand to be an all time favourite among women of all ages. You can expect to find a lot of unexpected and plush hues inspired by berries, coffee beans, spices and several other interesting substances.

Apart from the Indian make-up brands, the international players that can be trusted are many. We have shortlisted the two best ones based on their product range, quality and pocket friendly prices.
A go-to option for most teens and college girls, Maybelline is most popular for its range of long stay kohl, liner and other eye makeup essentials. In addition, the Baby Lips line of tinted lip balms is one of the most loved products by the brand. The diamond shine lipstick collection, luscious mascara and water shine lip colours are some of the other products that have become an instant hit in the Indian market.
Interestingly, the brand is American but owned by the French giant L’Oreal. Founded in 1915, the brand came to India much later.
4. RevlonRevlon
One of the first international makeup brands to enter India, Revlon boasts of a diverse catalogue. The products are innovative and suited for all skin types and age groups. Revlon eye shadows, blushers and bronzers are both reasonable in price and appealing in texture. With exquisite colour combinations and subtle conceptual kits, Revlon has been successful in maintaining its goodwill in the Indian market for quite some time now.
If you are too fond of imported makeup, Revlon is your chance to enjoy it all and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Professional Makeup Brands In India

When it comes to professional makeup, the brand needs to be absolutely perfect. The Indian market does have a whole lot of makeup brands that are used by professional artists but the most prominent of them is MAC.
5. MACmac makeup
Undoubtedly the safest makeup brand recognized internationally, MAC products are certainly worth their price. The long stay quality of the cosmetics is what makes it a highly popular name with top notch beauty professionals. If you are looking for that magical touch that lends you a flawless perfection for long hours, MAC is going to be more than just an investment. Also, when compared with other luxury beauty brands, the prices are much lower.

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