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Top 5 Stylish Wedding Destinations In India

Top 5 Stylish Wedding Destinations In India

Wedding-DestinationIt is way more charming to tie the knot up in the hills, at a royal palace or on the sea than in a boring old setting. The essence of travel and the beauty of a new place make it extremely interesting to get married. Yes, we are talking about destination weddings. And if you don’t know it already, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the variety of Indian destinations that you can pick for the special day.

Exotic Wedding Destinations In India

If you have planned lavish ceremonies and delectable cuisines and if you also have a big budget, then choose from these three exotic destinations and you will cherish the moments even more.

Andaman & Nicobar IslandsAndaman-and-Nicobar
The Andamans and all the smaller island groups that are a part of it will turn your wedding into a super romantic voyage. Get the feel of another continent as you set sail among the Ross and Havelock Islands. Or plan a cruise that allows you to marry on the go.
The serene environment enhanced by the gorgeous coconut palms, the crystal clear waters, the blue expanse overhead and the mysterious dense forests paint a picture of the perfect storybook event. Would you deny yourself such pleasure? An experience of a lifetime and a dream-come-true for travel enthusiasts, Andaman and Nicobar will be etched on your memory the moment you step on those lands.

Soak up the sun for that glamorous bronze sheen, Let your guests get a taste of authentic seafood from the Konkan. Unforgettable desserts, Portuguese decor and a customized wedding cake. Or create a fusion of Goan highlights with your own cultural customs.Say your vows and go party!
There is so much that you can do in Goa. You can have an open wedding on the beach or book an exotic resort for special arrangements on demand. Right from enjoying a hoard of themes to experimenting with colour codes, this is one destination that lets you be creative and have fun as you start your new life.

Speaking of exotic, one cannot forget the regal attractions of Rajasthan. Golden palaces, vibrant colours, shimmering jewels and turbans fit for a king. The pictures that flash before our eyes are splendid in every sense of the word. And if the true Indian taste is what fascinates you the most, you can’t miss the opportunity of marrying in Jodhpur in a typical Rajasthani fashion. Right from the clothing, jewellery and footwear to the rich foods of the desert, Jodhpur has a lot more to offer than you would have imagined.

Budget Wedding Destinations In India

And for those looking for a less lavish affair, we have the two best budget wedding destinations that let you get a taste of all that you are looking for.

Mount AbuMount-Abu
How about blending the ethnicity of Rajasthan with the calm of the hills? Mount Abu lets you enjoy the two in the simplest manner. A lovely wedding destination surrounded in picturesque landscapes that make it hard to believe how close it is to the deserts of the west.
If you wish, you can also get special arrangements made for folk performers to get a unique feel of the state in its only hill station.

Exchanging the rings in the vicinity of the Taj, an epitome of true love. How romantic! Recreate the splendor of the Moguls in a royal Indian theme or celebrate modern love by marrying in your own dream style. Agra can be as magical as you want it to be. What’s more? With the capital only a drive away, you have endless options of catering and décor to choose from. Time to start planning right away!

Destination Wedding in India: Budget

Setting the budget for a destination wedding depends on several factors. You have to keep in mind your priorities, the number of guests that you would be expecting, the menu, decor, themes and so on. The budget can be as less as 10 lakhs and go up several times higher.
While certain venues can charge upto Rs. 15,000-20,000 per person, others ask you for your preferences in terms of the facilities that you would want for every guest. And then there are economical venues where you just need to spend Rs. 2000- 4,500 per guest. It all depends on the plans that you make, the place that you choose and the kind of bookings that you make.

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