Who knew that things would go so wild and get you a love mark on the nape of your neck? Well this love mark is popularly known as a hickey. While making love, you tend to suck your partner’s skin or kiss hard that eventually causes a hickey on your skin. It might be fun at that moment but roaming around with such huge hickey would be embarrassing. It might take a week’s time to recover, depending upon how deep its effect has gone ;).

What causes a hickey?

When the small blood vessels on the surface of the skin, known as capillaries, get broken they begin to bleed in to the small spaces below the layer of the skin. This bleeding forms a bruise in the shape of you or your companions mouth. This is how hickey appear.

Let us look up to few effective treatments of getting rid of Hickeys:

Peppermint application
The cooling effect of peppermint dwindles down the effect of swelling and stimulates blood flow in your body. Thus, acts as a perfect hickey healer. It successfully treats the blood vessels that have been damaged due to hard suck. Warm peppermint oil and apply gently on the pompous area. You will witness an itchy feeling for few seconds after which it it will calm. It is advisable not to undergo an aggressive usage of peppermint oil, else you might have a feeling of irritation. Alternately, you can suppress the effect of hickey by applying peppermint toothpaste. It will work the same way as oil.

Massage With Alcohol
Massage with Alcohol
Weird but true! You can get a quick relief if you allow a massage with alcohol on your affected area. The presence of cooling and acidic properties in alcohol makes it effective in healing any kind of wound. It is a natural agent that may increase flow of blood and helps in calming the blood that has clotted because of hickeys. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and apply to the your hickey affected area. Bear with its prickly effect for few minutes. Repeat this process until a sign of fadedness is visualized.

Rub Toothbrush
Rub Toothbrush
Rub the toothbrush with soft bristles gently over your wound. This will help your blood to widespread and increase the scope of quick heal to hickeys. It is one of the tried and tested remedies for escaping the blood filled scars. If you rub with pressure, you are likely to cause more damage in comparison to what ever has been caused already. Once you do it for few minutes, apply an icy bag on to your wound. Then repeat the process again.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Weather it is a scar, mark or a hickey, Aloe Vera is a natural home remedy for all sorts of skin maladies. It has antioxidants properties that make it a perfect healer for hickey. It provides a cooling and soothing effect to your affected area thus, healing the broken vessels within your skin effectively. Pull out the pulp of aloe vera and apply gently on your skin, sensing its cooling effect on your hickey.

Massage with oil
Massage with Oil
Massaging gently with oil acts a great healer to hickey as it stimulates blood circulation and rules out the redness. Avoid massaging if your wound is fresh as it can be agonizing. Use this technique when you hickey gets old. You can massage over your hickey with warm almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil and experience a gradual relief.

Pen Cap
Again using a pen cap seems quite weird but has an incredible effect over hickeys. This home remedy will help scatter blood and allow blood circulation. This has to be used when your hickey does not remain as fresh as the day you got it. Take a pen cap or any circular object depending upon the size of your hickey. Press the cap against your wound and twist it gently yet with pressure. Maintain reasonable pressure as this activity can worsen the wound if carried out improperly. Repeat it numerous times in a day. It will eventually side step, leaving your skin as normal as ever.

The above-mentioned tips are tried and tested several numbers of times. They have some properties inherent in them that help you to weed out stubborn hickeys that have come out of love but give a painful feeling. There are numerous other techniques of removing hickeys. However, the above-mentioned ones are effective and efficient.

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