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Top 5 ways to reuse your wedding outfit

Top 5 ways to reuse your wedding outfit

Wedding attireIt is your big day, and you want your costume to be a visual treat for all – Yes, we are talking about your wedding dress! Indian weddings are grand affairs, and the bridal dress is always as grand. We girls generally put in weeks together to finally land up on that one dress (Saree, lehanga or typically the traditional outfit of our community) that we know will make us look elegant on our D-day.

Most girls are equally possessive about their wedding attire too. Do you remember your mom showing off her wedding saree, but not letting you wear it when you were a kid? Well it is after all a precious thing to be treasured! Since it is generally too heavy to wear again, it ends up in the wardrobe never to be worn again. But it is after all a piece of fabric and has a life of its own. Is it right to just let it wear off inside your wardrobe? We feel not, and so have come up with five different ways you can reuse your bridal outfit! Here you go –

1. Split and team up with something else-

Split and team up with something else Often each part of the attire is heavily embellished. The lehanga, choli, dupatta, saree or blouse; each is a gorgeous piece. So why not try each of them alone? Pair your blouse with a contrasting subtle coloured plain saree and see the difference! You could also wear a simple sleeveless, halter necked or back-less blouse with the saree. Pair your lehanga with a plain top, or alternately, the choli with a plain skirt. Drape your dupatta over sparsely embroidered silk suit. You will surely love this idea of you are one of those who don’t believe in preserving the best for future. But to enjoy the best while it lasts. And who doesn’t want to try a new look on every occasion without having to spend anything extra?

2. Go contemporary-

Go contemporary Create the traditionally modern look with a twist. Put on a tank top over your lehanga and accentuate the look with light accessories. Get a beautifully embroidered long waist coat and team up the coat and your choli with a flared Patiala or harem pants. Jootis on your feet can add to the glory. Fuse them as wild as your imagination and get ready for those pouring appreciations every time you walk around.

3. Convert into a new dress-

Convert into a new dress The best way you can convert your lehanga is to make an elegant anarkali out of it. It will not only transform your dress, but also add a dash of panache to it. And we are sure you are going to wear it with more confidence to any grand occasion. What’s more? If you are extending your family, you can even have some lovely outfits for your little one. You can even create new memories along with a treasure of your own. Are you nodding your head? Simply go for it!

4. Wear it as it is-

Wear it as it is We know what you are thinking. You do not want to look flamboyant and steal the attention off the bride at someone else’s wedding. But trust us, your beautiful dress with nude make up sans the loud accessories can definitely make for an elegant party wear. If you are firm that you don’t want it make any changes (no matter how small they are) to your wedding dress, we totally understand. Treasure it and wear it once in a while to remind everyone of how precious it is to you!

5. Cut or add:

Cut or add Well, you will definitely need a lot of courage to put it under the scissors. But we are sure you will not regret having taken it to an able seamstress for a complete transformation, especially if it too old and out of fashion. Weary of trying that? Then add a sheer jacket! Yes, a long sheer jacket over your lehanga can change it from old to exquisitely classic.

Now that we’ve given you 5 of the best ways to reuse your wedding dress again, go ahead, try and let us know what you think. Oh yes, did we mention that it will also save you from the “Oh no! I don’t have a new dress for my cousin’s wedding” scenario?

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