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Top 6 Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

Top 6 Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

Before every make-up three basic steps are very essential and that is C.T.M means cleaning, toning and moisturizing so let’s start with these important steps.



Cleansing is the first part of your three-stage skin-care daily regimen.It should be done before every make-up. Include this every morning and night as a part of your daily beauty routine.This helps to clean the dirt in our skin pores.
Dab couple of drops of cleanser on cotton pad and wipe face gently. It helps your skin to breath.

Choosing a right cleanser-

For normal skin any type of cleanser can be used like cream based, water soluble or gentle face wash. For Dry skin, moisture based or very rich liquid cleansers are better. For oily skin or combination skin, light lotion or milk cleanser, and medicated cleanser etc are suited. For Sensitive skin it’s advisable to use a mild cleanser but must avoid soaps.


Toners or fresheners are the second stage in our daily cleansing program. They are designed to clean and to remove any last traces of dirt, it helps to minimize the pores and prevent buildup of dead cells. Add few drops to cotton ball and gently wipe face.

Choosing a right toner-

For normal skin toners with or without alcohol or rosewater are appropriate. Alcohol content in toners tends to dry the skin.For Dry skin mild, alcohol-free toners or rosewater are perfect. For Oily to combination skin alcohol based toners should be used but,always avoid ethanol, methanol based toners.


Moisturizing is the final stage of daily regime as its helps to restore the moisture loss. A good daytime moisturizer should contain a sunscreen and will be easily absorbed into the skin. Keep in mind that moisturizer should not make your sink heavy or oily.

Choosing the right moisturizer-

For Normal skin type lotions with sunscreen and for Dry skin protective cream formula with an added sunscreen are preferable. Oily or combination skin asks for very light non-oily formula with an added sunscreen. Sensitive skins are a serious issue, so anti allergic creams or medicated cream with added sunscreen are more advisable.

Let’s go through the steps for make-up:

Step 1 – Primer (optional)

Applying Primer
Applying Primer

A primer helps make-up last longer and is used to smoothen the skin texture for easy application of foundation.

Step 2- Concealer
Applying Concealer
Whatever concealer you use, use a very small amount of it. Apply it on the blemishes or discolored skin and blend it well. There are many versions of concealer like cream, liquid and stick. One must always use Concealer according to the skin tone and type. They are the best things to vanish your dark circles and dark spots. Remember in make-up blending is key.

Step 3- Base or foundation application
A foundation is a skin colored make-up that acts like a base and prepares the face for makeup application. Foundation helps to even tone the skin and to add shine.

Types of Foundation

Makeup foundations lie within 4 main categories and it is very important to choose them according to skin type and duration of the makeup :

A- Liquid foundation
This is the most popular, lightweight and easiest to apply on the face. They are widely available in sheer, medium and heavy coverage. Suitable for all skin types. For oily skin type, they can go for water based instead of cream based liquid foundation.

B- Cream Foundation
These foundations contain oil and are thick and creamy, hence most suitable for dry skin and definitely not advisable for oily skin. It’s also good for mature and aging skin because it makes a thick layer of the foundation which hides the fine lines and wrinkles very easily. It is also a nice product for long coverage i.e. events like weddings.

C- Cake or stick foundation
These tend to dry quickly and provide a Matt finish, suitable for concealing. These are advisable for photo shoots, stage and drama but not suitable for daily wear. Also, they are suitable for oily skin.

D- Powder foundation
Most suitable for oily skin but don’t last long.

Step 4 – Eye makeup
Eye makeup
On eyes always use the primer never use base or foundation. First of all apply eye shade,please remember to blend well. After that define your eyes with kajal.Then comes mascara. Always remember mascara is the last step of eye make up. Then fill your eyebrows,as it is a very essential step to give our eyes a prominent look. Just a stroke of eyebrow pencil should do the trick.

Step 5- Blusher
Apply pink blusher if you are fair or coral or orange color if you have dusky skin tone . Put is on below your cheek bone. A fish face will help you define your cheek bone.

Step 6- Lipstick
Apply Lipstick
Apply a coating of foundation on the lips it helps lipstick to last longer than usual. Then apply lip-liner, it should be little darker than the lipstick shade. Matt shades last longer than gloss.

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