Top Mirror Work Blouses Designs For Sari

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Flaunt them at weddings, festive events, and lavish family gatherings or simply buy them as a statement piece to be worn on a special day. Blouses with mirrors will add a gentle touch of nativity to your Indian attire. What’s more, you can even go experimenting and wear wrap around skirts, palazzos and sheer tunics with these blouses for an urban gypsy feel.

A splash Of Colours
Imagine a mosaic of colours that let you walk out with oomph. This is possible with blouses that have multi coloured mirrors attached to them. Pick them in boat necklines or with collars so that all the decoration can get the focus it deserves.

Style tip:Multi coloured mirrors do well to supplement any jewellery. Also, avoid saris or lehengas with any bling. Sheer fabrics in muted tones would be the best choice to wear with these blouses.

Mirror Work On The Back
If you find mirrors to be too overwhelming but still like the way they flatter you, then it would be best to invest in blouses that are plain in the front but decorated at the back. Floral motifs, circular trimmings and little rows of minute mirrors can add a very interesting detail to the garment.

A Mix Of Shapes
Speaking of “interesting”, do try blouses that do not follow one particular shape when it comes to mirrors. Triangles, diamonds, circles and squares arranged in an organised form tend to make the blouse attractive as well as edgy.

Blouses With Metallic Patches Of Mirror
If you are fond of dance costumes then this style is sure to impress you. Very rural and yet carrying a contemporary feel, mirrors surrounded with little metallic patches are the perfect detail that you can expect to find in any blouse.

You need to remember one thing though. This kind of ornamentation makes the blouse pretty heavy. So, choose ones that have patches on the sleeves, shoulders or collars otherwise you would end up looking as if you just dressed up for some sort of cultural performance.

Tribal Patterns
There is something about tribal themes that is always attractive. Be it the way they use natural elements to create a beautiful wild aura or the artistic rawness that can be seen in their choice of material. Tribal patterns can never let you down.

Style tip: Go for black and gold combinations so that you can team up the blouse with multiple outfits

Mirrors On the Sleeves
Another very interesting blouse style with mirror work. Here, the focus is laid on the sleeves instead of the core of the blouse. Beautiful paisley patterns or swirling vines add an almost royal touch.

Mirrors On The Edge
It is fun to be minimalistic at times. So, why not pick up something that has mirrors only on the edge? Team it with a sari that has a narrow pallu so that the mirror work is visible properly. And yes, this is the best time to try some creative hair up-dos.

Rows Of Reflection
Simple and straightforward, tiny mirrors arranged in rows create a very ethnic and vibrant look. Worn with classic cotton saris, these designs are worth sporting.

Mirrors With Colourful Frames
Simple mirrors framed in a variety of colours become a statement jewellery of some sort. Add some tassels and threadwork borders and you will be all set to step out in your stylish Indian avatar.

Mirrored Patterns
Another popular way to flaunt some mirror work is to pick something that has two symmetrical halves. In other words, blouses which have definite patterns made with mirrors can pass off easily as designer wear. Pick the ones that have uniquely cut silhouettes or intriguing sleeve styles so that you can bring out the best of the mirrored design.

Mirror work in blouses is a very traditional surface ornamentation in India. Right from the shiny cholis of Gujarat to the colourful thread-work that holds the mirrors together in Rajasthan, this is one element that stands as a major source of inspiration for designers and stylists alike. When paired with the right saris or lehengas, the blouses that are adorned with mirrors, turn out to be the perfect highlight in your appearance.

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