We have talked about all sorts of nail art. From floral to glitter to bridal and what not. While you may wonder if you would be able to replicate those designs easily, we bring to you another series which is super easy to create. All you need is a bit of planning, some brushes, nail paints in desired colours and yeah, scotch tape!

The little secret to create flawless geometric designs is to cheat. If you can’t hold the brush steady as you try to paint, then use bits of scotch tape in a variety of positions and then paint on the design of your choice. Let’s get started.

Easy Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape:

Glitter Heart:
Glitter Heart
Take a strip of scotch tape and make a heart shaped stencil out of it. Use it on top of painted nails to add a glitter heart on one or all the fingers

Use two strips of scotch tape to create a criss-cross pattern on the nails, leave the top part exposed in a triangular shape. Fill this area with paint and polka dots.

Shades Of Grey:
Shades of grey
Use strips of tape to create parallel lines. Fill them up with deep grey in a matte finish, black and metallic polish.

Neon Psychedelia:
Neon Psychedelia
Time to be more adventurous with the shapes. Instead of going straight, make a triangular design in an almost circular pattern.

A Dash Of Silver:
A dash of silver
make adjoined triangular patterns with silver polish and your favorite hue.

Just like the way you created the shades of grey, you can create this Barbie like design. Just replace the blacks and greys with shades of pink, silver and white.

Multipurpose Stripes:
Multipurpose stripes
Put on any colour of your choice. Stick thin strips of scotch tape in straight lines. Fill the gaps in funky patterns, colours, glitter or whatever you want. You can do a lot with these stripes. You can even make them diagonal or vertical instead of just straight horizontal. You can even add some 3D nail stickers for added effect. But make sure that you choose the stickers wisely. They should not overwhelm but complement the whole design.

When Black Spells Class:
Black spells class
Use the tape to cover the lower half of your nails diagonally. Paint the exposed nail a shiny black. Add finesse using a thin line of gold. The nude areas on the nails add a very unique appeal which is not usually seen.

Pop Sneakers For Teenagers:
Pop Sneakers For Teenagers
Have some fun with bright colours. This design needs a bit of patience and concentration. So, take it one step at a time. Paint every nail a different colour. Let it dry. The cover them with the tape, only leaving a perfect half moon shape on the top. Paint this area white. Once, dry, remove the tape and use a thin brush to add little dots and crosses in the form of shoe laces. You can even experiment with other shapes and metallic colours.

Go Aztec:
Go Aztec
But keep it all in one colour. Use the tape in any direction to create thin lines. Fill the rest of the nails with the paint. Once dry, peel off the tape and you will be left with a beautiful Aztec print to flaunt.

Pure Geometry:
Pure Geometry
It is time to go absolutely geometrical with your nail art. Use attractive colour combinations like nudes, blues, blacks etc to create triangles, squares and other obvious shapes in interesting styles

Inspired By The Cityscape:
In this design, you stick tape strips of varying lengths at an equal distance to form a sort of an outline for a basic cityscape. Paint the exposed areas in whatever colour you like. Remove the tape and you’re good to go.

Two Tones:
Two tones
Another triangular design to try. But use only two tones of the same colour to keep it monochromatic and simple.

Create the shape of a hash on every nail. Fill a different colour in the alternate spaces. If you like, highlight the hash shape with black paint.

Plain Jane:
Plain Jane
You won’t need to work too hard for this design. Just create a vertical sandwich pattern in your preferred colour combinations and it would be all set to go with any dress that you wear.

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