The beautiful art of applying Mehendi is an age old tradition in many South Asian countries and the Indian subcontinent. Very often, it is an elaborate and ritualistic ceremony during weddings and festivals. This tradition, interestingly, has continued to retain its beauty even in today’s time. The introduction of modern design elements has made it all the more popular and women are now making it a part of urban fashion. Mehendi art has become not just a tradition but an international fashion statement.
With an exquisite blend of tradition and global exposure, here are some of the top Mehendi design trends that’ll rule 2016-17.

1. Intricate Bridal Mehendi

Intricate Bridal Mehendi

When it comes to Mehendi/mehndi, the foremost image is of a bride and her sacred wedding rituals. It is undeniable that simplicity in design is the latest trend but for brides, elaborate and spectacular are the way to go. Colorful and intricate designs remain the most popular and in-demand bridal mehendi designs.

2. Traditional Indian And Pakistani Mehendi Designs

Traditional Indian and Pakistani Mehendi designs

Indisputably, traditional Indian and Pakistani mehendi designs continue to be hugely popular for wedding and festive occasions. The meticulous and decorative peacock, flower, heart and Rajasthani dulha-dulhan mehendi designs retain its richness and grandeur.

3. Arabic Mehendi designs

Arabic Mehendi designs

The beautiful Arabic mehendi designs are another well sought-after mehndi art. A more subtle use on the hands, extending to only a small part of the wrist is the more preferred style for festive and casual times. One can often find a blend of contemporary style.

4. Moroccan Mehendi design

Moroccan Mehendi design

The beauty of globalization is such that more and more stunning design elements from different parts of the world are refining the existing traditional patterns. One such example is the distinguishable Moroccon Mehendi pattern. A bold statement on the wrist or the back of the hand is often the preferred areas for such mehndi designs.

5. Mix of Traditional intricacy and Modern minimalism

Mix of Traditional intricacy and Modern minimalism

Evidently, a more creative flair of henna artist, those that brings together traditional design elements and urban style, can be seen. One can expect introduction of minimalistic styles to the popular Arabic, Moroccan, Indian and Pakistani henna designs.

6. Colored and stone studded Mehendi design

Colored and stone studded Mehendi design

The use of vibrant colors on henna designs channels the joyous celebrative and festive mood. Apart from colors, sparkly stones and studs will add to the adornment and the spellbinding grandeur.

7. Geometric Henna Design

Geometric Henna Design

Be it from the tribal influence or the perfect symmetry, urban women bring the love for geometric patterns to henna or mehendi. The rustic charm and earthy beauty being a ruling trend since the past few years, these striking geometric henna designs will be in-demand this 2016.

8. Floral and Glitter Mehendi design

Floral and Glitter Mehendi design

The flowy design of the dainty flora and foliage mehendi art has always been hugely popular, and they continue to be so. Expect this in the usual brown or black henna and in a myriad of colors, sprinkled with shimmery glitters. Feminine, romantic and so grand, can there be any doubt why women so love florals?

9. Finger Mehendi design

Finger Mehendi design

Moving on to a more urban and young audience, henna/mehendi adorning the fingers or as wrist cuffs are in vogue. Unlike tattoos, mehendis are temporary and natural. Thus it allows one to experiment and bring out their quirky, bold or fun personalities. A trendy mehendi design 2016 is a striking and edgy pattern drawn on just the index finger.

10. Subtle Lace Mehendi Design

Subtle Lace Mehendi Design

The delicate and romantic lace patterns for mehendi design are gaining fast popularity. These are restrained, beautiful and yet so dramatic; lace mehendi is a style to watch for both as bridal design and as a fashion statement.

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