Recent trends in ghagra choli are multi styled in terms of cut and decorations. The fabrics have also found active usage by the designers. Ghagra is the prime element in the attire. Most of the trends and deviations are woven around it! The choli is most of times a fine fitting decorated piece. Cholis are almost every time a customized garment for the bust and is intricately carved with fine measurements.

The trend in ghagra choli patterns is driven by heavy art work that is intricate and ornamental in it.

Some Ghagra Choli Trends

Half sarees
Half Saree Lehenga
Half sarees is in vogue again! In this style the ghagra or lehanga is wore separately and the dupatta or the oodhani is draped in a saree style with pleats. The outfit gets a double color effect as, both lehanga and the dupatta are of different colors yet complementing each other.
Deepika Padukone popularized a simple version of this half saree in “Chennai Express”. This simple looking outfit can be a head turner if accompanied by heavy work. This is definitely a trend setter.

Fish tail ghagras:
Fish tail lehenga
Fish tail ghagras are one the prime choices, especially among young girls. It’s a slim fit outfit.The skirt is sort of fitting attire till the knee and then after it flairs out towards the ankle. It complements ladies who are on the thinner side. The fabric that works well with the fish tail ghagras are silk and satin that deliver a perfect finish and gleam which can be complemented by decoration ideas of choice and match. Mostly feminine colours suit such pattern, pastel shades are a good option too!

Circular / Gherewala ghagras:
Circular Ghaghra
The style is basically built upon the use of maximum fabric to generate a ‘flare appeal’. While not loosing on the elegance, the circular type ghagras deliver the optimizing feminine feel and look. Its carved out of heavy cotton fabrics,the top should be short with preferably mid rif exposed. Because the ghagra has rich work the blouse and dupatta normally have light work. You can experiment with a kurti style blouse. These are party wearers as gives you a lot of opportunity to show off the ghagra. So dance away! Bright colors are suited for such “gherawala ghagras”.

A A-line ghagras:
a-line ghagra
One of the traditional types, these are more simple in terms of cut and tailoring. Some fine dual fabric While base material is of stain or silk, the net fabric is attached as a thorough addition.Its good if a heavy work blouse is accompanied. A transparent or a net dupatta complements the intricate work on the blouse

Straight cut ghagra:
Straightcut lehenga
This has been the choice of slimmer ladies. The decoration patterns are always a matching one with those of the ghagras and colors may be either contrast or a pure match. Fabric colors of ghagra-choli also have much to do with the occasion for which the garment is being worn. For example, bridal ghagras, by nature of Indian traditions and customs, are mostly of red color and depict the ‘suhagan’ feel the much cherished icon of Indian matrimonial celebrations.

You can choose from:
The designer works is an array in itself and includes work of stones, beads, silk, zari and zardozi among others.

More iconic ghagras are studded with semi precious stones and pearls and are designed mostly on orders. Fabric texture also plays a vital in selection. Trivia: Find out the most expensive Indian bridal wear. Dare to wear bright colours. There are no specific colour rules with ghagras and cholis.

The ghagra choli is an ornament in itself and adds great feminine value. Grab a one for your collection.

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