Well, firstly, what you wear to an office party totally depends on the kind of office you work in. Having said that, there are some general dos and don’ts for every office party.
It’s not a necessity that you need to wear one of those formal jackets or turtle necked top to show your respect and dignity. Even if you are a junior, it’s okay to dress with a statement and expose your confidence. To a woman, I would suggest a knee length dress or the classy pant-top combination. You could always create a difference by adding a neck piece or by carrying a bag that goes perfectly with your outfit.
I would never suggest high heels to an office party. Flat ballerinas or kitten heels give you the professional as well as cool look. Use subtle make up that is not too flashy. Never make the mistake of wearing a blue dress and blue nail colour to match it. Keep the tones on your fingernails contrast to what you wear. Sleeveless with boat neck or low neck with long sleeves- this is the general style mantra to a formal yet stylish event.After all this , do not forget to put up the perfect hairdo that gives you a classy look.
Well, as for the men, I suggest you don’t experiment much. The traditional vest and suit with a contrast colour tie would be perfect, as ever. However, you could try to carry off a different and stylish hairstyle. Be careful to show your confidence through your attire and accessories, like a classy watch, maybe.
Finally, wear whatever lets you fit in, yet stand out. Wear what exposes the humility in you, yet proves that you are not a follower. The way you appear can talk a lot about you, so define your identity no matter how the rule works.

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