Floor Lamps To Brighten Up Your Room, Mood, and Quick Make over

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When we think of interiors we talk about the mood we want to set in a particular room. The most important aspect to be kept in mind while trying to reflect a mood of the room is lighting. This one attribute can change the entire ambience and will affect the décor is several ways. There are many ways of lighting up your room and floor lamps with a warm light bulb inside is a fast and effective way to not only light your room but to also add value to your home interiors.

Floor Lamps are luminous and they do not consume much space. They are easy to clean, handle. All you have to do is plug and play. However, there are several types of floor lamps available these days and even though floor lamps are used mostly in bedrooms and living rooms but they have many more applications. You just need to know their types and decide aptly where to use which.

  • The Torch lamp
    Torch floor lamp

    Torch floor lamo

    This is one of the most common types of floor lamp. It has a long stem that supports a torch like structure on top, which houses the bulb, CFL or LED. The wire or this lamp runs through the length of the stem making it look clean and elegant. This lamp does not take much floor space and can fit in the tiniest of corners in your home. The one thing you need to ensure while buying this type of lamp is its stability and the manufacturing quality. You want a stable lamp and not something, which will tip over easily
  • The Tripod lamp
    Tri pod lamp

    Tri pod lamp

    This lamp takes a decent amount of space considering that floor lamps don’t take much floor space. It has a camera like tripod stand, which houses the shade and bulb on top. This lamp has high aesthetic value. It looks funky and elegant at the same time. The best material to buy this lamp is wood. Wooden tripod stands look luxurious and will make for a wonderful accessory in your living area or bedroom
  • Adjustable Club Lamp
    Club Floor lamp

    Club Floor lamp

    This lamp is great when it comes to its versatility. This product comes with an adjustable stem and can be used both as a table lamp and a floor lamp by adjusting the height. Club lamps have a frustum shade which give it a very classy look. A torch lamp with an adjustable stem will never make a good table lamp because it throws light upwards towards a ceiling which is where it gets diffused and gets passed around. A club lamp throws light towards the floor and will make for a great table lamp along with a floor lamp
  • Tower lamp
    Tower lamp

    Tower lamp

    This is a cuboid like enclosed lamp with bulb inside. This lamp is quite popular these days. This lamp is great for ambient lighting only. It takes its inspiration from Asian lantern. Due to its shape and enclosure it does not illuminate an entire room. If you want to light up your room for functional purposes then this lamp is not the ideal room addition for you. Make sure that you buy this lamp along with club or torch lamps and together they will look great and will light up your room well. These are made out of hand made or butter paper like material. These are normally a DIY project.
  • Hanging Floor lamp
    Hanging floor lamp

    Hanging floor lamp

    This lamp is great for task lighting. It’s shade hangs towards the bottom, which makes it perfect for night reading.The best location for this lamp could be any corner next to a chair or a recliner. Adding dimmers to this lampshade will prove highly fruitful as this lamp is used more often for task lighting rather than ambient lighting. Although, it adds a lot of the ambience and can be clubbed any of the torch or club lamps
  • Tray Floor Lamp
    Tray Floor Lamp

    Tray Floor Lamp

    This is a dual-purpose lamp. It has a very viable use as a table. There is a small table attached to the stem of the lamp. This end table or nightstand allows for this lamp to save space in a room. This makes for one less piece of furniture and therefore even though it takes a tad bit of extra space is justified by its uses
  • These are a few types of floor lamps that can be used to enhance your room décor. All lamps can be used with dimmers and a high wattage bulb.

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