Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide- Sizzle Like A Diva!

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The season of love has already started. And an entire day dedicated to the love of your life is just round the corner. While you stock up on chocolates and presents, it’s time to consider the most wonderful presents for yourself. And lingerie has to be on the top of the list. It is also about loving yourself as much as you love others right?

Look for the perfect colours

You’re shopping for Valentine’s Day remember? So, it’s perfectly okay to be a little biased towards the reds and pinks. Pick a shade that appeals to you the most or combinations that flatter your looks to the maximum.

  • Red
    This flaming shade keeps you feeling great from within
  • Wine
    Deep and intense. Wine is loaded with a mysterious elegance. Perfect for the true lady
  • Burgundy
    Serious with a hint of romance. After all, it isn’t about being too expressive all the time


  • Pink
    Playful and cute. Ideal for a girl-next-door charm
  • Orange
    A bold twist to the conventional colour palette. Go for it if the usual is a cliché for you
  • Purple
    Add more drama with this shade that can have multiple meanings. Starting with royalty of course!
  • Choose The Fabric That Matches Your Mood

    The fabric of your intimate apparel is extremely important for your comfort. So, make a choice after deciding where and how you plan on sporting your latest purchase.

  • Flirty frills



Honestly, not everyone can carry off a too frilly design. Frilled fabrics can feel a little uncomfortable under tight clothing. And you definitely don’t want to wear them under formal clothes. So, opt for these only when you have a loose dress or shirt to wear

  • Elegant Satin
    The shiny and smooth texture of satin automatically gives it a luxurious edge. The best part is, you can easily sport it under any kind of clothes and for every occasion
  • Lace And Ribbons
    A hint of luxury fused with the playful elements. Lingerie with lace is ultra feminine and the ribbons bring out the cute side. Grab it when you are too bored of your same old picks

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  • Sheer Synthetics
    Treat your inner goddess by slipping on some bold, see-through pieces
  • Cosy cottons



For regular comfort with style, opt for good quality cottons. Breathable and easy to maintain, cotton lingerie goes well with every outfit.

Design matters

Coming on to the design part, it does matter how your innerwear looks at the surface. And apart from the colour, there are other factors that matter.

  • Prints



Florals, abstracts, geometric shapes and even statement prints are all around for your to choose from.

  • Embroidery
    Thread or bead work can be a little heavy but you wouldn’t mind something unusual on a special day!


  • Ornamentation
    Metallic motifs, flowers and other decoration will take up the style quotient
Add some spice and flavours. Literally

It is the day of love after all….

  • Edible lingerie
    Made of chocolate, candy or marshmallow, these exquisite pieces are meant for you as well as your partner!


  • Bondage Inspiration



Lingerie designs are getting kinkier with unusual straps and cuts. Little too less for a higher price. Expensive yeah but worth trying out for fun.

Decide what exactly you need

Your lingerie shopping also depends on the practical use. In fact, it depends a lot on the practical use. So, keep in mind what you need while you shop.

  • For a weekend at the beach



Go for bright colours and more elaborate designs if you are going to flaunt it at the beach. It doesn’t always have to be swimwear but it definitely needs to look good. At the same time, not overtly exposing.

  • Just for that beauty sleep



If you have that idea of the most amazing sleepwear, choose comfortable styles. Instead of splurging on day wear, you could also completely spend on a couple of gorgeous night gowns and dresses for that princess-feel when you go to bed.

Adventurous Experiments

We have mentioned the interesting edible lingerie. If you are really looking forward to spice up your love life, only then should these be on your shopping list.

Practical For Everyday

You would want to wear your lingerie even after February 14. So, unless you wish to reserve a set for special occasions, do not go for impractical, uncomfortable and extravagant pieces.

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